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Today is Friday

Okay, I am going to finish this on the day it was started.

I am two songs done from posting my next mix. I wish Bax could have rewritten a part, but it is too late to ask for changes. This process is long, hard and tough on the ears. I know I will not be a DJ master, but I am still keeping the name: DJ Awesome Sauce. 😐

My first novella – let’s be honest, it’s a short story- will be ready for review this weekend. I was going to volunteer at the Saskatoon Symphony on Saturday, but I am not physically able to do so. Due to this change of plan, the third review csn be done so I can pass it on to an independent adjudicator. 🙂

Next week, after the multiple appointments with the physiotherapist and Richard’s youth meeting, I will be able to start on der taxes! Since my temporary break-apart with my dad, I now have to learn to do this on my own. My beautiful cousin is helping set the whole thing up and walk me through the process.☺

I am going to finish the day with a bubble bath and the sweet, soulful voice of Petroc Trelawny ralking about trains. 📻 🚂

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Hey, This Niceness Is Not So Badness

I am on my way to being OK. Though I am in need of a holiday, overall, things are coming along.

After considerable thought, I have decided to go the short story route for my book. I do not want to give too much away, but there will be happiness, sadness, and weather. Oh, that weather can be a right ruiner of stuff.

The development of my characters will take place throughout the course of the work. I tried the point plan in character modelling, but human lives don’t happen on paper, so why should my pretend ones? Don’t get me wrong, certain events and traits will have to be carefully documented, like eye colour and favourite jam flavour; otherwise, the rest of it will come when it comes.

Sarcasm will abound. If done properly, it can be funny and biting at the same time. I hopefully will not need to announce when it will be used, like Neighbour/Co-worker. But then …


I am glad to be on track again with this writing thing. My detour was a blessing in disguise. This election has added a new spin on the record. Developing my characters is, in my opinion, possibly the most fun I am going to have in the next little while. I have so much to prepare for.

Until then, I have Christian Persecustion Complex Season to look forward to. That’s always something.

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