Progressive Whatever Trevors

Let’s have a little fun here. I am tired of talking family ickiness and mental breakdowns.

Yeah, I don’t think I know how to do that either. Oh, all be dog boggled, I think we can go with our feelings. I am going to start with my Favourites on Deezer (don’t worry, I will not list all 152):

“Fields of Fire” – Big Country (Guitars sounding like bagpipes. Yes!)
“Good Fortune” – PJ Harvey (Not to be mixed up with DJ Harvey, though his offerings are rather good.)
“Paris 1919” – John Cale (I have three versions of this song on my Favourites list. Addicted muchly.)
“Dog Days Are Over” – Florence + The Machine (No animals or skid steers were injured in the playing of this song.)
“Waf-Woof” – The Springfields (Dusty Springfield pre-solo years.)
“I’m Wondering” – Skydiggers (Do I need to maintain the 35% CanCon rule?)
“California Dreamline” – Rheostatics (Their name used to proceed with a ‘The’.)
“Loving is Easy” – Rex Orange County (I blame Dave for the addition of this song to my collection.)
“Le moribond” – Jacques Brel (Though I do not understand all the words, I get the sarcasm.)
“The Lines You Amend” – Sloan (A gorgeous song, yet one I cannot share on Facebook.)
“People Give In” – Manic Street Preachers (Tony, you know I could not forget to include the Manics.)
“You Can’t Do Disco Without a Strat” – Andrew Weatherall (Though the presentation seems angry, the song is rather good. Mr Weatherall may have needed a nap.)
“Death of a Rude Boy” – Madness (Somehow the skaness makes me weak. I don’t get it, yet I like it.)
“Faster Than the Speed of Night” – Bonnie Tyler (For some reason I see Stephen Morris, of New Order Fame, going all wild and crazy on the drums on a cover of this song. That will never happen, I understand.)
“Jessie’s Girl” – Rick Springfield (My karaoke song. I am going to demand a redo of this song at the next Cosmo Christmas party, as the song started before I could get into character. The drunk dude before me got a restart. Bah!)

I ask that you check some of these songs out on YouTube. I purposely chose not to include links, as searching for these songs will lead to other amazing places, which could ultimately take you away from the original assignment.

That is a good thing.

Richard is going away on a trek to the mountains and will be stopping in to have lunch with me. I am on assignment, waiting for emails and phone calls. Oh, and blockages on Facebook due to the fact Richard does not want his next family reunion to be at Madge Lake.

Be brave, dear husband; listen to The Beatles and may the Force be with you.


Fit to be Counted

I don’t record the calories I eat or count my steps. I do need to calculate the carb-to-insulin ratio for my injections but that is to maintain decent blood sugars and dietary needs. A couple of months ago I celebrated losing three pounds due to starting a yoga regimen. I do not do this very often. I will explain the reasons further on.

At the time of writing (09 January 2018) I am five feet, three-quarter inches (SGI refuses to let me be 5’1) and 155 pounds. Yup, a little pudgy, me. I recently discovered I am beautiful. I still have a weigh to go to be comfortable with my floppy bits.

Within the last four or five years, I have become less worried about my outside. My insides, on the other side, are a concern. Diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis are playing against each other. After the car accident last year, I have been through bouts of physio treatments which have helped with regaining movement in my arms, but the stress of waiting to get better has made arthritis worse. Do not fret, I am not getting tingly feet or the like.

Yoga has to help me strengthen my muscles and my joints, which I think it was meant to do. I have found a programme designed for people with disabilities and limited movement. Having been blessed with whiplash in my middle back and a concussion, these exercises have been great. I can’t do fast moving Zumba like I could before. Heck, I have trouble watching television for a long time without feeling uncomfortable. Besides the plot of ‘The Last Jedi’, I could not wait to get into the car to go home and rest after watching this film. The fast motion, the loud sounds and the bad storyline made my brain hurt.

Now with the documenting of achievements. I see postings of training runs, laps run at the field house, stairs stepped at the office; all these are great, it does show a desire to feel better and get into shape. The work we put into our fitness programmes is to be encouraged. We slip out of it for a while, the reasons are our own. I used to be bothered by all the accomplishments of those who are dedicated, but now I am encouraged by those who take a break, cut back or lose only a pound after trying with all their might to lose two. I find our examples of humility lovely and we need to be kind in our attempts. Cheering each other on, even through the stoppages.

Setting a goal is great. I hope to melt away the dimples on my backside, yet that is going to take a lot of physical work which my body and my brain may not be able to take. Failing to achieve a set goal is not a bad thing. You may be sick one day and this may change your processing. Do not be discouraged. I still have a pilates ball waiting to be rolled again.

I could get into the fooding elements involved in getting fit. ‘Getting fit’, pfft, how about saying ‘feeling great’. I have been changing what I eat, going for a less meat diet. Not meatless. Bacon and I are no longer on speaking terms, yet I have made room for more chicken. I have tofu in da house. Going back to gluten-free may come later. I know I need to fix my food habits, as these go along with exercise. I am one of those lucky diabetics who have reoccurring low blood sugar episodes, what we called ‘insulin reactions’ back in the day. This has made it a bit complicated to change an eating lifestyle. Carbs are a blessing, but they are also a curse.

Like me, we need to consider the reason we post our fitness goals and our misses. I do it as a way to remind others I am a human with floppy bits. I am just glad to be able to do something that allows me to move at my own pace whilst stylin’ a funky pair of yoga pants (or not 😉).

It may take a while to get anywhere, and the same could apply to you. It does not matter – I will still love you.