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It Is Not That We Don’t Want You

Happy International Women’s Day!

I was in a (one-sided) conversation with a devout Christian woman about the need to take care and love our transgender sisters (and brothers) this morning. When I stood up for my trans brothers and sisters in Christ who have been abandoned by their parents and their faith, she had the gaul to say “God does not abandon us, we abandon God.” I am sorry lady, “we” abandon those “God” has instructed “us” to love unconditionally.

Today we recognise the roles attributed to men that are now being filled by women: scientists, authors, composers, business leaders, athletes and so much more. I think, and I do, women need to stand up to fight oppression in all scopes of the real world. We need to stand up for our minority friends (male and female), our LGBTQ neighbour (male or female), our friends with intellectual disbilites, and people questioning their place in the world in general. While women still make considerably less in wages than our male counterparts, women of colour have a double hoop to jump through. The neighbour’s son with Down’s Syndrome needs to be encouraged to take the next step in his persuit to participate in the Special Olympics.

Every day there are women and men who are abused in domestic relationships. We need to comfort them as they find strength and healing. As women, we have a responsibility to our sisters and brothers during their time of healing and transition to a safe environment. Having the power to leave an abusive relationship is stronger when there is a wall of support.

Ladies, today is a day for empowerment. Let us do this by standing up for what is right, just, and deserved:

Freedom to be who we are, loving others and not giving a shit about those who don’t agree.


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