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International Women’s Day 2017

Today is a day we should not have to commemorate, really.

I am not being anti-feminust, not at all. Sadly, the recognition for pay equity, the end to misogyny, the need for implementation of rights to protection under the law has forced hard-lined feminism; for that I am glad.

From the things I have read over the last few months, it seems women are enemies of other women. Though I am not a fan of Kim Kardashian, if she wants to pose naked in front of her mirror and post a photo, okay by me. Emma Watson wants to pose for a semi-topless photo, fine. We, as women, have to accept these moments, just as we would have to accept photos of women in hijabs and Hutterite women buying booze at the Liquor Board.

How difficult is it for women just to care a bit about other women? We cannot even gather ourselves together to fight for the choice to make choices. Majority of women who support the pro-choice movement support a woman who is anti-abortion, hence, the term pro-CHOICE. For those who do not, get up and give these women a bit of your time. For those women fighting for the unborn, recognise there are those who choose to control their reproductive rights. I am a woman who believes in choice. I would never have an abortion, EVER. I cannot, in my heart of hearts, deny the right for a woman to choose differently. I am not in control of their functions, and neither should you.

Never before have I seen the fight to end misogyny so strong. Judges in Canada are asking why a woman who files sexual assault charges against a man could not keep her knees together – The Robin Camp transcript: ‘ … keep your knees together’ and other key passages. Just recently, a man was acquitted of sexual assault as drunkenness can take away a person’s ability to “properly say no” to sex – Halifax judge made many errors in taxi driver’s sex-assault case, Crown says in appeal. Men were the judges in both of these cases. Ah, but hold your torches, women judges can hold the same opinion – Spain rape victim asked by judge if she tried ‘closing her legs’. You see, it is not necessarily about gender, but age. It is not necessarily about age, but background.

Progressive Christian, Jewish and Muslim groups are beginning to make gender issues a priority. Some are going as far as to realise the significance of gender constructs and are formulating their worship around the recognition of people as “people”, as opposed to “boy”, “girl”, “man” and “woman”. The roles of women and men are also being redefined, as so they should be.

The Canadian Mennonite Brethren Congress still does not allow for women as head or even associate pastors. Crying babies aresolelyy to be handled by their mums. My husband has a tough time with this, and he is a member of the MB Church in Waldheim. The Evangelical weirdo church in Waldheim does not have any women in ministerial groups and from the various number of sessions both Richard and I have attended, women do not seem to be allowed to serve as collection takers, let alone handle ministry duties. The church in town that is part of the General Mennonite Congress does allow for female pastors, but our town will not. Progress is not here, yet.

Feminism gets a bad wrap, especially from women. The movement is meant to empower all women, not just the ones looking for a fair shake. This is seen very vididly when it come to children.

Not getting into the abortion issue again, my focus is on the mum versus not-a-mum; who is better, who is worse. Being a mum can be tiring, mentally and physically draining but birthing of human beings has been going on for thousands of years. As a woman who chooses not to have children, I do not appreciate the notion of importance of station. Reversely, I cannot critise a mother of seven ready to have her eighth. Let’s not do this to each other. Women are valuable regardless of uterine occupation. Let us be kind to the woman who is carrying a child conceived in rape. Let us comfort the mum who lost a stillborn child. We are all in this together.

We cannot forget the women who cannot speak for themselves, those refugees lost in the battle for a safe place, women sold into sex slavery, women suffering in silence from dimestic abuse. We tend to focus on the wrongs handed out by men; however, women excuse themselves from the same behaviour.

This is a day to celebrate our role on yhe planet. Let’s do it right.

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End of An Era

Why are the people of Ontario so upset about children learning about sex? For those who are not aware, check out the latest from Central Canada:

Protecting the Health and Well-Being of Students (1)

Four or five is NOT too early to learn the proper names of the body parts, in my opinion. I wished I had access to this information at that age. We correct children if they say the name of vegetables incorrectly, so why not the gender bits? They are also not too old to learn about different family dynamics. Some children are living in multi-generational homes, step-family homes, and same-sex parental situations. Some children are being raised by grandparents.

Having learned about the birds and the bees in Grade Five, not much has changed here is Saskatchewan:

Sexual education compared across Canada (2)

Grade Five is a bit too late to learn the art of adult communicating. Lately I have been reading complaints on the Conservative Party election posts from angry parents wanting to teach their children about sex on their own, not having their children exposed (excuse the pun) to it in school. That means there will be children discovering sex in some scary ways without knowing the consequences, as they have been for centuries.

I am slightly worried for these children, as their parents do not know the difference between provincial and federal government policies. The federal government has no control over a provincial education programme. It is rather embarrassing, really. I can imagine the conversations about the private points; their will most likely be nicknames and a lot of blushing. I am sorry, but these parents will not teach their kids one single thing. This is how far parents are going in protest of Ontario’s forward-thinking:

Half of one Toronto school’s students kept home to protest new sex-ed (3)

Oy and vey. The era of unknowing has to end. Ontario, you are on the right track.

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My opinion on the article – Newspeak North: The Harper government’s war on language


My father-in-law calls Harper a dictator.

As I have said before, every person who is eligible to vote should, and you are obligated to vote, and vote for whomever you wish. Take into consideration what you are willing to give up. Granted some people have already lost their “privilege” to vote. That is a subject I will not try to explain here. I have already lost connection with some of my family over this and other political things, so the damage is done.

It is true that the books won’t balance themselves, as presented by Trudeau, but I would rather have my money used to bring hope and promise back to our country rather than know my money is used to stifle my Charter of Rights. Oh, Trudeau helped with that too.

The protection of abused women, the hope for an inquiry on missing Aboriginal women, the protection of the environment, and now the concern over refugees, we now (more then ever) need to concern ourselves more with a change of ideas, a change of government.

During our trip around the world (courtesy of Full Fest) a couple of weeks ago, Richard and I stopped at the Indian and Metis pavilion. Here we spoke to a woman promoting Moose Hide Campaign, a group of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal men supporting the need to protect abused Aboriginal women. Though this was not touched on in this article, this is something that should be brought forward during this election.

The removal of protection on our lakes and rivers (demonstrated under Bill C-38) affects every single one of us. Much like the need for maths after high school – you don’t really notice it until you have to use it. Our primary sources of clean water and clean living are now being allowed to be polluted and ruined for generations, all in the name of monetary growth. Who can support that? Well, a great number of people in the town I live in; a farming community, with a few farms trying to make a go at the organic thing. I wonder how that’s going?

The deaths of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Corporal Nathan Cirillo by two separate terrorists (and I will use this term only once) in October, 2014 did install fear in our lives and our hearts. There will always be people, whether through anger or mental illness, that will make themselves a danger to others. The increase in people supporting IS in Canada, the US, and Europe is staggering, but please remember, there are people trying to stop it. Mr Harper and his classmates in parliament have yet to recognise that. Some of you have failed to recognise that, as well. Bill C-51 was designed just for you.


I do not have the time or the energy to write about everything touched on in the article. My brain is on fire. I have touched on some if these things before, and I am sure some of you are tired.

As side note: The refugee concern us one that jumped in the queue as one election issue obviously not predicted. Though Canada has taken a number of refugees from Iraq and Syria already, time to help has arisen again. The knowledge that we are in recession “officially” does not matter. Those in dire need of protection and safety should be welcomed here. Some of these people are highly educated chemistry professors, some are illiterate farmers, some are elderly, some are babies. Sadly, some of these little ones never made it alive to their destinations. Those pictures, as seen by Mr Harper as well, make me angry. This is not just Europe’s problem.

As I mentioned before, you have every right and it is your privilege to vote. You can vote for any bloody party that is available for voting for in your riding. Here are the possible parties to vote for: Registered Political Parties and Parties Eligible for Registration posted by Elections Canada (one of the groups hit hard by the Tories in their removal of democratic decision-making, by the way).

I would love for the citizens of Waldheim, the good Christian town that it is, to vote against tyranny. I want them to stand for the rights of men, women, and children. I want them to support the environment. I also want someone there to put more gravel in the front of our yard – on the town side, of course.

Yeah, like that would ever happen.

Nikiforuk, Andrew. “Newspeak North: The Harper Government’s War on Language.” IPolitics. IPolitics, 1 Sept. 2015. Web. 03 Sept. 2015.


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The Guardian view on the murder of Ananta Bijoy Das: an assault on a universal value

The Guardian view on the murder of Ananta Bijoy Das: an assault on a universal value

http://gu.com/p/48pvy (1)

What is the Christian response?

Strangely, nothing so far. And I don’t expect to hear or read anything.

I guess this is philosophical pay back. For all those Christians who complained about no one standing up for persecuted Christians. Which one of you will stand up for a persecuted non-believer?

[sound of crickets]

In your heart and soul you want to.

I could get into the anti-Christian spots written by atheists. Strangely, most atheists do not want to remove or take away religion, just limit its use in government and legal relationships. The backlash and misunderstanding by Christian groups is not unbelievable:

‘Hate campaigns’ increasingly launched against atheists.

Christians, as I find in most situations and conversations, want conversion. Hey, Jesus sent out his disciples (us) to do this very thing: ’18 Jesus came and told his disciples, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. 19 Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. 20 Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”’ (Matthew 28:18-20 NLT)

For some reason, reason is not part of the equation. Now I am not a converter, but conversator. I do think a person’s decision to find God and Jesus is their own to make. As I am nowhere near the disciple Jesus wants me to be, I will have a conversation about why I believe in what I believe in. I will walk along with someone if they are in need of support on their journey. I will also walk alongside someone if they choose not to believe.

I have been through the Christian “persecution” rant before. Most of you are smart enough to know the difference; I hope.

The Republic of Ireland has a blasphemy law. It was originally geared to protect Christians, but all religions get to be part of the happy throng:

Sale of Charlie Hebdo in Ireland will test blasphemy law for first time (2)

We, including me, get all excited over the states in America that chose protection bills, but we do not think of an entire country doing the same thing. Criticism for similar laws in other countries are well known. Sometimes I feel the atheists have a point when they talk about religions being horrible to people:


Oh, I guess I did get into an anti-Christian mode. Well, it is not that difficult. I do get frustrated over both sides of the equation; however, I am more humanist in Christian thought than I used to be. Atheists are people too. They are as much a “threat” in some of the very same places that Christians are being targeted.

All in all, majority of atheists do not want to take away (y)our right to practice (y)our religion:

Do Atheists and Humanists Hate Christianity? (3)

We humans have a responsibility to look after each other regardless of the creator we choose. Persecution is a people thing. It sickness me to read stories of people being killed based on what they do or do not believe in. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms grants me protection to say that I am a Christian and allows my neighbour to be an atheist. I cannot imagine how it feels to not have that freedom.

Remember all those who have been punished for expressing a difference of opinion, a difference of religious practice, but the sameness in wanting the freedom to believe or not to believe.

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(2) McDonald, H. (2015, February 5). “Sale of Charlie Hebdo in Ireland will test blasphemy law for first time.” The Guardian. Retrieved May 13, 2015.

(3) Kruger, J. (2015, March 4). Do Atheists and Humanists Hate Christianity? Philadelphia Weekly. Retrieved May 13, 2015.

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