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I Get So Excited About Stuff

Yes, I do.

Then the fall down is super hard and emotionally hurtie. Opportunity knocks but I can’t seem to get to the door to answer. I am still in recovery mode, making the feeling of inadequacy more real. I have talked about this is different formats; yet, the end results are the same.

I do have to thank all of you for being my besties. Sure, we get on each other’s nerves at time, run into language barriers (most being the English vs. English), but the majority of the time, we love each other. Our community, like a good number found on the planet, is unique and sometimes weird. Okay, for me it is mostly weird.

The collapse of my radio show was the biggest hit, to be honest. The dream of coming out from under the gloomy Saskatchewan setting is broken. I will remain as I have always been: unlucky. Or not.

“Unluck”, I think, may be a construct. Do we create this idea or do events mashed together to cause us to believe this … concept? Unfortunately, episodes are part and parcel of living in this space. I keep reminding myself to remain positive through the strife, though it is rather difficult due to present circumstances. I have gone back to listening to audiobooks, as the spoken version of my favourite books seems to carry some of the weight away. Unlike booky books, I do find it easier to fall asleep whilst listening. I have accumulated a fair number of badges on Audible, partially due to this small inconvenience.

I spoke to a courier a few months ago and he said hosting a late-night blues show on CFCR in Saskatoon was his saving grace through the grumbly times. He did encourage me to keep up with my Classical music mixes, regardless of the fact they are made on my laptop. He did not consider his “career” to be delivering packages to the middle of nowhere, but the fact he could listen to music in his car and the odd show on his mobile made it worth it. There is no such thing, in his opinion, of a dream job. Those that say there is, have too much money and time. I agree. To finish the idea, these same people seem to spend the money they do have trying to achieve an even greater fantasy, which becomes a nightmare.

That one break is what I need, whether it being a position as an office administrator or creative writer for a local radio station. My short-story career will only be one for the duotang crowd – self-publishing the good ol’ inkjet way.

My driver friend’s best piece of advice for me to remember when I get frustrated about not knowing much about the DJ business is this:

“What is the difference between a 7-inch and a 12-inch? Five inches.”


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Oh Boy, It’s that Time of Year Again

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself for Persecution Complex Season:


This high horse people keep riding must be getting a sore back. Without going into too much detail, you will be fine if no one says ‘Merry Christmas’ and 99.763% of people don’t care if you do either.

Getting over it may take an intervention. Every year I have to make this declaration. Every year the same replies flood the paranoid universe:

“Oh, hell yeah!!! Merry Christmas… God bless us everyone….” (this one makes me laugh; combining hell with God, nice try.)

“You bet I’m going to be political incorrect!! It’s CHRISTMAS!! Christ’s brith!! I’m going to shout it if I have to. Anybody with me????” (the All-Caps makes it mean business.)

And my favourite: “Of course. I’m the most politically incorrect person there is… They say I’m a dinosaur :D” (nice touch with the emjoi, not really something I would expect from a dinosaur.)

Not to burst another bubble, but we don’t know when Jesus was born. It could have been April, June, September, or heck, even December. As I do every year, I will again post an articke about why Christmas is in December:

Why December 25? (1)

I know this article is from 2008. Would you like one more recent? Well, here you go:

How December 25 Became Christmas (2)

I will not get into the debate about pagans (someone find me a better word) vs Christians and who owns this holiday. I rarely say ‘Merry Christmas’, not because I am afraid of offence at a shop, because I forget. I do not forget it is the Christmas season – all Christians know about Christmas and its meaning. No, I just forget.

And another burst bubble: Jesus was not Christian. Now I will let you have some time with this one.

You will OK if the young lady at Shoppers says ‘Happy Holidays’. If not, have a cry in the car, get out, get a cup of coffee, go back to your car, and go home.

(1) Coffman, Elesha. “Why December 25?” Christian History. Christianity Today, 08 Aug. 2008. Web. 23 Oct. 2015.
(2) McGowan, Andrew. “How December 25 Became Christmas.” Bible History Daily. Biblical Archaeology Society, 12 Aug. 2014. Web. 23 Oct. 2015.

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