Moving Still

Good day, classmates.

If you have been following me on Facebook and Twitter, you may have discovered I am going through a bit of time as of late. Please be aware I make it sound so much more dramatic in writing than in person. My insides, though, are much like my writings.

I am just about at a possible forever home on the work front thing. I have never been more nervous about having to prove my worth than I am right now. Maybe that is causing some of the extra-crazy anxiety. At the same time, I think I may be catching my triggers sooner. I know I cannot control the events and people around me, only control myself in those situations. I have become more cynical in the way I read the behaviour of others. That has also reflected on my reactions to posts (as an example) that seem too unreal.


Not everyone is trying to hack your phone; there might have been an update. Sure, there were incidents of Facebook users having issues recently, but I have not discovered a second version of me asking to be friends. I may have lucked out on this one.  Oh, goodness, I have a history of milking things, primarily related to House music, parental elements, memes, mental health, and apostrophes. I understand, seeing this from my perspective, how ridiculous it must be to others. I can only apologise for causing uncomfortableness.

“Wendy, just STFU.”

I am still going to write about my awful days and people can choose to ignore it. God, I do this too much, I know it. I only need to understand how to make these days sound more positive. Yes, bad stuff can be somewhat reasonable. Okay, not everything bad can be good, I am not naive. No, there is a way to deal with this – on my terms. I like to share stories, and sometimes I ask for ideas, which is fair. Not advice, that is for asking how to get red wine out of white bed sheets. As I have mentioned before, we all have levels of unevenness when it comes to the brain-thinking process, and that is what makes us such great friends.

Let’s make a deal: if you can love me being passive-aggressive and okay with me liking David Guetta, I will okay with you liking The Shins and loving you through your discussions regarding your fears about Brexit.