It has been a long time since I have written here. Weird stuff is going on.

I am in the process of recording an audiobook, which will be posted here (crossing fingers) by the end of the month. I have set up a podcast site, which will be linked here in the next few weeks.

I have finally admitted I cannot be like the others. I have tried to get into the dance/house/shake-it-all-about music, but I just can’t. I love songs and I think that is where it will stand. I am at the same place where some of my friends are when I get all crazy-weird over Shostakovich.

I tried the radio show thing and I could not get it. It could have been the format I chose or the music I played. I built myself up even though I realise I should have stayed on the ground. My style didn’t really mix with the cloud.

I need to stop trying to be cool. I have to go back to being school.

I am still doing my Classical music mixeruppers. Musicating brings me joy. I am breaking soundscope rules for instruments. A banjo can play the first violin part – darn tootin’. I need to reclaim my stuff and prepare to break rules.

I may not be able to talk shop with the Jedi DJ Masters, but I can thank them for supplying an alternative soundtrack. I still listen to my friends’ radio shows, read about their various entertainments and delve into musical conversations. Mind you, some of these conversations have lead to extreme bullying and horrible accusations, however, most people are fairly decent; even the broody ones.

*Bully Alert activated*

I do have some personal issues to deal with, so I cannot promise a definitive date for anything. I do not have the type of OCD that needs set dates, which is not a good thing. My brain is stacked full of thoughts and hopes that I hope will materialise into something.

Thank you all for being awesome!

Boléro Oh Oh

Well, my classmates, it is coming along nicely. The Boléro, that is.

I do not want to offend my DJ master mixer friends, but this piece is one of the best examples of repetitive beats you will ever find – bar none. The instrumentation, as a whole, is very simple, yet the structure and layers make it sound almost unreal. Stripping the instrument parts away from the whole gives an insight to the importance of each individual instrument.

I dream about this piece at night.

I am beginning to worry about ruining the soul of the piece. Like some DJs who write a “Classical” (this term is taken very loosely at times) work and run away with a hit, I also play around with the limits of an instrument. At first I did not like the idea of DJing up a Classic, then I realised I sometimes have change the range of an instrument due to the fact the original instrument is not one of the chosen few.

So, what the hey!!!

Though I am a desk jockey by trade, musicating helps settle the mind. I have taken an interest in furthering my knowledge of Ravel, and beginning with one of his best-known works is a good place to start. A pianist by training, Ravel was able to mix the Baroque with the ancient Greek. Today we see these mixtures (in some cases) as ho-hum, Ravel made it revolutionary.

Our DJ friends do similar things when they wiggle their electronic knobbly bits. I think I need to give these people respect, not some but a lot.

Fresh Beginning

It has been a tough few days, yet I think I have come out alright. The fire of fighting is burning. I still have moments of unrest, mostly due to over indulgence of fruit and tea.

My husband and my friends have been soul savers. I have reminded my mental illness it cannot run the show even though there are moments I want to shut myself away. No, I will not let it. My friendlies are looking out for jagged rocks and I am returning the favour.

Maurice Ravel’s Boléro is becoming a musicating joy. My plan is to do a remix of this piece. I dream this tune. I don’t remember ever being so excited about a remix since last week!

I will keep you posted.