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This is a Test

Do not get frantic, I am only trying something out, editoralliwise.

Please, go back to what you were doing.


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Take It Real Like

I applied for a Creative Writer position with a media group in Saskatoon. For the first time in twenty years I received a PFO letter:

Good afternoon Wendalynn,

Thank you for your interest in our Creative Writing position at ***
Media Group. We have reviewed your application, and you will not be moving further in our recruitment process.

We wish you well in your future endeavours.


Human Resources
Here was my reply:

Good afternoon to you, as well.

Thank you for the opportunity to let me jump into uncharted territory. I would love to explore a way to express my creative side, but for now I will go steady onward to familiar planets.

Hope you find the perfect match.

Wendalynn Donnan

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young minds

So many feelings here.

Life as a Widower

It’s funny how children tend to want to grow up quickly and be older than they actually are. Sometimes I think it’s as though their self worth is defined by the number of years and months that have passed since they first saw the light of day.

‘Well I’m six anyway,’ I’ll hear my son lord over his friend of five and three-quarters, apparently making him the instant victor of whatever little quarrel the two of them have got themselves into this time around.

Adults, on the other hand, often crave the simpler times they remember from when they were young.

‘Oh, to be that age again,’ you’ll here them say just after they’ve wished they still had a full head of hair, coloured by its own now expired natural pigmentation.

‘You don’t want to be an adult,’ they might add, ‘it’s much easier being a child.’

I’m not so sure, though.

Today marks the beginning…

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Progressive Church Boots

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Listen again: 6 September 2016

'London's premier LGBT radio show' - Diva

threadsMatt Williams speaks over the phone to poet and comedian Jackie Hagan ahead of her appearance at Queer’Say at Rich Mix on 9 September. Jackie lost her leg a couple of years ago and tours an award-winning solo show featuring her stump dressed as various celebrities.

Matt also reviews Theo & Hugo, winner of this year’s Teddy Award at Berlin’s International Film Festival.

Nathan Evans talks about his poetry collection Threads, which he presents at Gay’s the Word on 22 September and is published by Inkandescent. He also tells us what it was like being part of BBC 4’s All Together Now: The Great Orchestra Challenge with the London Gay Symphonic Orchestra. The LGSO can be heard live again on 16 October 2016 at St Sepulchre Without Newgate. The concert includes Benjamin Britten’s Four Sea Interludes from Peter Grimes – parts of the piece also feature in Britten in Brooklyn, which runs at Wilton’s Music Hall…

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Musicating, Part Two

Here is my latest Classical music mix. Take a listen!

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Progressive Rubber Boots and Stufficating

Here is my latest vlog post. Oy, this is getting more weirder every time!

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I will do anything. But I won’t do that.

Source: I will do anything. But I won’t do that.

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Eye of The Progressive Rubber Boots


Here is my latest vlog post. I originally posted this directly to my Facebook page, but most of you are not on my friends list, and because I do not want to leave you out of the loop, you can find my creation here:



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If it wasn’t for Shakespeare, book titles

The View From Sari's World

This April 23 will mark the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare. At least this is the day we celebrate it. No one really knows what day he was born on. We do know he was christened on April 26 and in the Elizabethan period, christenings happened 3 days after birth so it’s a fair assumption.

I thought it would be fun to devote this month’s blogs to all things Shakespeare. And why not? For he hath bequeathed us many fine gifts. The renowned Shakespeare critic Harold Bloom believes Shakespeare invented what it means to be human, and Professor Stephen Marche lectures on how Shakespeare changed everything. Though I am not sure I would go this far, I do believe the world is a better place thanks to the Bard. So the theme this month is “If it wasn’t for Shakespeare”….

Now and again authors will throw in a line…

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