Merry Whateverness

The more I look at where I am the more I want to be somewhere else. I am finding it difficult to find a job, mostly due to a thousand others looking for the same thing I am. I have had a few set-backs to my healing from our car accident, which can make work tough.

I found a fantastic posting at a not-for-profit music organisation, based in Regina with an office in Saskatoon but, alas, it was not to be mine.

Their mandate is promote Saskatchewan music artists from all aspects of the universe. I send albums by Saskatchewan-based artists across the world; you want promos, you got ’em! Granted, it is only for one year, but what an amazing year I would make! I have a music degree (BA), I have done my own radio shows, Classical music mixes: Ina Toon, one even broadcast on an international radio show: We Dig Deeper, Cassette# 15, and I completed the first instalment of my podcast: A Split in the Cabinet; or The Fate of England – Chapter One.

I am a Saskatchewan music artist with no support in my own province, even with sharing on social media. I don’t tour or have a band. My support comes from my fantastic friends in the UK and the EU. They make my art worthwhile.

What more do I have to do?