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Don’t Make Me Do Research

Oh, my goodness.

I had great plans on writing a post about church budgets, Communion and tarot cards, but a co-worker blow-up caused me to want to write about music at work, but alas, I don’t want to do that now. There is no use complaining about the denial of access to brain-saving devices if no one is there to reverse the decision.

I am still coping with the effects of the accident. I get so tired, yet as I am the only one able to drive right now, I need to be more attentive. This is affecting my ability to do my normal tasks, like making coffee and climbing the stairs to sort papers. Climbing stairs … please, just the thought causes grief. My mental state was being tested and I think it was going well. I almost fell apart, but thanks to my music and collection of audiobooks, I had come out less battered.

Until the Friday meltdown about the music. This time it was not me.

Step back a bit, for just a moment. One of the saddest results of this accident is my ability to read and type for long periods of time. I need to use email at work and our accounting program is on the computer, but I need to take eye breaks more often. My last post took a few tries to finish. I have needed to use a dimmed screen to and even enlarged the display size on my laptop at home and computer at work. Reading from books will come back, I hope. In most cases, the fonts are too small for me to read for long periods of time. My doctor does not think this sidestep is permanent. If I had a concussion, it was a very mild one and is healing quite well. He knows I have to drive and told me to make sure to do it in stages.

I give Richard a lot of credit, he is ready to go back to work tomorrow (10 Jan). I do not think I am ready yet, but there is nothing physically wrong with me. Mentally, I am a shambles, but not bad enough to take leave. Now that the one solace I have at work has been taken away, I am afraid of going mad; again.

I have to speak the words: “it is going to be okay” out loud so I can believe them.

Oh, there will be a post about church budgets, Communion and tarot cards (a continuation of a previous report I put up), but it will be less angry and may include videos of cats.

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New Year Bust Up

Hi friends and family!

It has been an eventful couple of weeks. Today marks the one-week anniversary of our car accident. Not to get into too much detail, we are both battered, bruised, but alive to tell the tale. Or tail, as if I had one it most likely would be broken.

Richard has a broken collarbone, which means he is not able to work for a while. Funny enough, he is okay with that. Waiting for the adjuster to look at the car, the benefit forms and the healing does not seem to have bothered him. His biggest complaint was the bordem that has set in. Captain Kirk and the Trekksteers seemed to have overstayed their welcome. 

It is too cold and icy for him to take a stroll outside by himself. Now I have an idea what the residents at the group home may feel like when they can’t go out. As I am the only one who can drive, it hurts me to see him stuck at home with nowhere to go.

We are lucky enough to have good neighbours helping with shovelling the walk and bringing food. I have stated that we do not need meals, as I have been preparing a number of freezables. We cannot thank everyone enough for their kindness. As Richard said, “there are kind people out there.”

I know I mentioned I may not do this blog thing very often, but I have been given a reason to continue: the budget reminder from Richard’s church.

That will be for the next time. This time it is all about being alive and loving it!


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And So …

After the horrible events last night in Paris I find it fitting that today I start my anti-axiety medication today. Give me a bit and I’ll let you know how it is going.

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I think I spelled that incorrectly.

Hey, I am finally getting help.

My family doctor has agreed to be the go-between between my two specialists, though he should have been the whole time, but at least there was an agreement. My diabetes specialist noted I was showing signs of anxiety, and after years of discussions I have been put on anti-axiety medication and sleeping medication for my sleepless moments.

Having finally been given some and recognition I can begin to get better. I will never be healed, but I now have something to look forward to.

I do not blame anyone for where I have been placed, only I question their defense when asked why it is OK to make someone feel horrible. As mentioned before, I was bullied most of my life and when I finally gathered the nerve to respond the backlash was at times verbally violent. My father told me last night that he misses my sense of humour. So do I. My brother will not visit because he is tired of my drama. Well, so am I. To my aunt and her daughters who called me sad and mean for pointing out their racism, I remove you from my life. OK, I can’t do that very well, there will be the odd funeral I may have to attend.

I hope at least one is odd – I like a good laugh.

Though the prescriptions were only given yesterday and not picked up until the weekend, I hope to make my way back to the delightful self I never was.


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Tell me about self-help and support groups

800 Recovery Hub Blog

Let me clear up some confusion.  The medical community doesn’t use terms like “self-help group” “support group” or even “peer group”.  They call it Mutual Aid Support. It sounds strange to my ear, but whatever, I can go with it.

What is Mutual Aid?

chairs-486216_1280 A mind-blowing list of all kinds of mutual Aid groups

From Face and Voice of Recovery: Mutual aid is the process of giving and receiving non-clinical and non-professional help to achieve long-term recovery from addiction. There are mutual aid groups for people seeking, initiating and sustaining their recovery and for their families and significant others. Sometimes they are called self-help groups, but we prefer the term mutual aid groups because most people seeking help have exhausted efforts on their own to achieve enduring recovery.

 Mutual aid group members voluntarily support one another by providing social, emotional, and informational support. People who participate in mutual aid groups typically…

View original post 627 more words

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2014 and All That

Tomorrow is the last day of two-thousand and fourteen.

It has been kind of an awful year:

– hit a deer,
– bought a second newer car,
– health emergencies,
– job loss,
– work hours cut,
– still no visits from both our brothers and their families,
– loss of loved ones, and
– church going ultra-conservative whilst trying to break even.

Boy, that seems like a long list. However, there has been some good stuff:

– holiday to Yellowstone,
– job loss,
– weight loss,
– heath restored and treated,
– family gatherings,
– heartfelt messages from new found friends,
– more progressive spiritual gatherings,
– a look forward to a new church home,
– the confidence to try something new, and
– knowing I still have the love of my husband.

My blog, as I have stated before, will be one of books. I will give the odd book review, but I will focus on the book I plan on writing. I have found the way I am going. The chance of it going anywhere is quite slim, to be honest. Unlike my husband’s cousin, I do not plan on selling my house to get it published.

This will be a place of exposure, a creative spot I have been wanting to express for a long time. My Facebook page, Progressive Rubber Boots, will be a place for others, like you, to promote your book, write a review of a read book, or post an interesting article or story.

It will be about you, me, and everyone in between.

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And … We’re Back

Things did not go as bad as I thought. This is not going to be a long post. This will not be a post about God.

I may not have celiac after all. My gastromologist (I don’t actually know his title, but it sounds good to me) told me that the test results from my diabetes specialist were taken out of context. Some of the readings on the test are no longer used to determine celiac, and even those numbers were well below the celiac level. He does think I have what is called non-celiac gluten intolerance.

That made me feel so much better. I still need to have the gastroscopy done (booked for 22 August, 2014), just to make sure. I will have the results in 3-4 weeks. He did mention that my lactose intolerance may be gaining speed, and some of my discomfort may be due to that. He did recommend that I start a predominate gluten-free diet (after the test) for my basic good health.

With the lactose issue aside, I think I got some good news.

I am going to play Nancy Drew – Tomb of the Lost Queen or maybe read up more about container gardening. Soilless potting mix maybe the way to go. If you, my fine readers, have any gardening suggestions relating to containers, please drop me a line.

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