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Missionary Positions – Round Two

Last night (1 December 2016) I treated myself to supper at the café in town. Richard had to go to Québec for a family matter, so I have been left again on my own.

I ordered soup with soy dumplings; interesting taste, but not something I would keep on my Favourite Food list. Whilst eating my soup I overheard two young women (mid-twenties?) discussing the power of the Lord. In Waldheim, that is not unusual. The conversation was loud, emotional, yet 110% positive, something that is also not unusual for Waldheim.

I had a shitty day yesterday, and honestly, the part of the conversation I heard last night made we ANGRY. One of the young girls, after having a massive Jesus moment (the breakdown happen in Laird, but Waldheim MB is her home church), declared she will be going on a worldwide Bible study. Basically, there is a program that lets participants learn about the places of the Bible in real time: Peter wrote a letter to the Corinthians, you can go to Corinth, Greece (it still exists). Jerusalem, Turkey, Ephesus (which, technically, is in Turkey) and the whatnot. Not knowing who this opportunity is through, I found a site offering the same travel experience: Bible Land Tours.

The squeaks of delight from the young lady geared up to go and her friend made me sense something was not right.

Funding for the trip. Yes, that is what I was thinking in the back of my cryptic crossword mind. It brought to mind a pamphlet Richard brought home this past Sunday. One of the locals is going on a mission trip to someplace that is home to some strange people (unbelievers, I think). As per the ritual, it began with an introduction of this young person’s lineage, the moment of blessed realisation, the plan, then ended off with the plea for spiritual and financial help.

The missionaries from Richard’s church all have the drive, but not so much the money. Richard, like this Sunday, refused to even consider giving money to this young man. “Who’s going to help us pay for the brakes on the car? The people at church?” We did not have to answer that. I bring this up every time this subject comes up, but the goodly church folk don’t get it, or don’t care. In fact, when the Missions Conference is held in the Town of Waldheim, Richard does not to go to church on those Sundays, out of pure protestation.

The group this chap is with has a “training” centre in Jamaica: YWAMDP. If you a choice between learning how to steer people to the Lord in a makeshift meeting hall on 20th Street, Saskatoon or a seaside hut in Jamaica, the choice is an easy one, especially when you are twenty. Do not get me wrong, there are young people willing to dispose of their selfishness and replace it with self-fullness through Christ, no doubt.

Not knowing the status or the purpose of this young man’s trip does not change the fact that asking for money in such a way undermines the purpose if the Great Commission:

Mark 6: 7-12

And he called his twelve disciples together and began sending them out two by two, giving them authority to cast out evil[a] spirits. He told them to take nothing for their journey except a walking stick—no food, no traveller’s bag, no money.[b] He allowed them to wear sandals but not to take a change of clothes. 10 “Wherever you go,” he said, “stay in the same house until you leave town. 11 But if any place refuses to welcome you or listen to you, shake its dust from your feet as you leave to show that you have abandoned those people to their fate.” 12 So the disciples went out, telling everyone they met to repent of their sins and turn to God. (Holy Bible, New Living Translation, copyright © 1996, 2004, 2015 by Tyndale House Foundation. Used by permission of Tyndale House Publishers Inc., Carol Stream, Illinois 60188. All rights reserved.)

Oh, you did not know this is part of the plan, did you? I called up the wrong quote. Well, Matthew was not the only one talking about letting it all go to spread the glory of the Lord.

Okay, this is 2016 and a person cannot enter a country willy-nilly and all that. Proper documents are needed, shots are required, language lessons may be necessary, and yes, money is now needed to get anywhere. I understand. A former co-worker quit his job and one Sunday spoke at Richard’s church outlining the monthly needs to keep his mission plan running and the amount of funds needed to support him, his wife and six children. Richard walked out. Though I was still attending church at this time, I did not go because the whole cast of MMFI were there to show support. I would have needed good dope to attend, just to kill the need to tell my former boss to f-off.

But, I digress.

You see, there are just too many missionaries. How many souls does God really need? How many points does a denomination get for each person “saved”? From my experience, letting someone know about God and Jesus through conversation can be enough to light a fire. I know there are groups in out local areas that are mission minded, Richard and I give graciously. You know I am no longer part of the Christian group, but money given from Richard comes from his pocket, money we could use to fix our house and fix our car. Local missionaries don’t seem to respect this.

Sorry young lady, I know you will be putting your plan through the churches in Waldheim and Laird, but guess what, you’re going to have to make due with help from others.

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Juss Cuss

If you feel you don’t fit in with a group, whether it being your workplace, a family function, or a Facebook collective, please remember that you were hired, born into, or invited for a reason. In some cases, the very people who roped you in may feel the same way. I am not saying you should do a survey, but I have a sneaking suspicion I am pretty close.

You may have people tell you to adjust your behaviour, yet it seems the one who has served thirty years at the same job (for example) did not get the same message. This may be true, but you also don’t know what changes they’ve made before you arrived on the scene; they may have been a lot worse. Stuff went on before you/me arrived. That is not to say we do not need some improvement, only thing to do is review the criticism (as this is what it is 98% of the time) and take stock of what can be changed versus what you think should be changed. Remember, you may feel you are in a place that is the personification of inbred cocker spaniels doing human things, but your introduction may have off-set the balance. You may have to re-calibrate yourself at first then slowly introduce your real self.

Goodness gracious, change can be good … for everyone. Speaking on a personal level, I am so lucky to have been able to express my innermost feelings (at a price), my dreams (no matter how far-fetched), and my artistic abilities (relating to finished projects). Take pride in change, even the bad ones. Of course, the bad one is not good, but the good one will not be bad.

I am not the same person I was two years ago or five days ago. We all have something holding us back and something pushing us forward. I have made concessions, agreements, and promises – some of these welcomed, some through sheer disapproval. Now, you know that not everyone will like you, and in turn, you will not like them. That is part of human nature. Actually, not all lions get along, so it is a NATURE thing, human or Panthera leo. Do not be upset; yet on the flipside, do not be the one upsetting. The thing about relationships is sometimes it is not about you, me, him, or her. Other times is is always about you, me, him, or her. Developing a good relationship comes with altering behaviour and accepting behaviour.

Forget the saying “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.” That is a ridiculous concept. You should be prepared to support, or as I do, carry people in your heart. You cannot experience a person’s joys and sufferings, and they cannot do the same for you. We are only witnesses to each other’s happenings, whether we are physically there or we hear about it over the waves. Compassion is the key to surviving the relationship thing. When I was a practicing Christian, I found it more difficult to care about someone, for fear I was doing it wrong. No, I take that back, I cared differently. Now that I have stepped aside, I see compassion exists. There are people who I have worked with who believe in the power of the Ouija even though it is a made-up game. I giggle, but I have learned not to mention this out loud. I have seen charitableness in a thousand-million forms from my Christian brothers and sisters with no judgement (well, maybe a bit, but they are human). My Atheist and Agnostic cohorts are some of the first to step up and help someone in need. That is awesome!

It is also a crutch.

We all have background things to deal with, some are more frontal than others. I am not afraid to share. Hey, it’s all part of healing. I have learned to be nice to everyone, obvs. I have also learned to carry secrets. I have experienced high-school behaviour amongst forty year old adults. We all have. Granted, some of us are guilty of being one of the accused. Be honest. 

Please, let’s all just be good to each other. Stop collecting info on Facebook, start collecting Pokémon. I do not have the capacity to work at your high-speed level. You may not be able to comprehend the works of Geoffrey Chaucer. Teamwork, I think is the word I am looking for. We are in this together, but sometimes others are more enthusiastic than their partners. Punishing a friend or a co-worker for a meltdown is not how we are supposed to get things done.

Humiliation is not the key to compliance. I do not like a clean desktop (the one on a desk not a computer). You may not like photographs in silver frames. As I mentioned earlier, we need to accept the fact we need to make adjustments, we have quotas to fill, we have cupcakes to make, and sometimes the procedures change. Like living in a new city, we have to learn to read a new map.

We need to rely on each other to make sure the squeaky wheel gets greased. We need to follow the rules, yet be prepared to change things up. We all have gifts and skills along with issues and problems. If a co-worker does something to piss you off, say something. Don’t shun and play favourites; it makes you look silly. It is up to us to encourage each other and break down barriers.

By breaking down barriers, I do not mean break the coffee pot.

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Teevee Terry on a Dreary Day

Today is another day of rain, but you know what? Nothing. That’s all I have. I have been trying to keep a positive outlook on this, however, some people are not helping.

I want to change this. My depression is taking a bigger bite and it is affecting how I come across. I want my jolly self back. I want your help with this. Sure, we all complain about something; it’s our nature. There is goodness in you and in me.

I want that back.

So, let’s make a deal. The next person to complain about the rain gets a pair of underwear.

There will be no cost to you. I need to save for New Brunswick next summer, the UK in 2018 and the next special edition New Order single released tomorrow, but you are worth it!


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BREXIT – My opinion

There are so many ways I can take this, but I think I will keep it personal. The BBC has a great visual of the results of the British EU Referendum, what some called BREXIT.

The result of the referendum (1)

On Facebook I have a group in my possé that voted “Remain” and some voted “Leave”. Each were emotional, empathetic, bitter, and in some cases down-right mean. I am an observer from Canada, so I technically do not have an opinion; but do I???

Yes, the pound took a thirty-year all time low hit last night (early morning), but I would get four more pounds for a hundred today than I would have yesterday, according to the Bank of Canada. That is not significant, but over time it could be, or not. Canada has just started to come out of a low dollar episode, which I feel directly at the place I work. Québec City did not get an expansion NHL team due to our shitty dollar.

Not that it is the same thing.

I took a lot of guff when I tried to convince my friends and family in Canada to vote out the Conservative Party in the general election last year. It worked for the most part, except the riding I live in voted in higher numbers for the Tories. They seemed to be blind to the fact our MP, Kelly Block, wrote a pamphlet criticising immigrants and denied (though proven in parliamentary papers) that she was involved with the Robo-Call scandal. It seems fear lead people to make decisions, though unpopular, with their emotions, not the wider aspect of the future.

I think the case for the exit from the European Union was made out of the same ingredients. The migrant crisis, the belief in the dissolution of the NHS (much like the Canadian Medicare system), and the need to be British without an extra branding on the passport:


I think what scares me more about this whole thing is the fact that Canadians see this as a rallying cry. So many have posted on Canadian media pages regard this vote as a vote for “independence”, a vote for “bringing Britain back”, and “Hail to the New United Kingdom” (an actual quote). Canadians, as I pointed out to a friend in the UK, are a hidden kind of stupid.


I refuse to pay to use this photo, so I am keeping their watermark on the picture. BTW, this is NOT an example of “independence day”.

There were a few remarks regarding the xenophobia and racism that stemmed from the seeds planted prior to the vote. I will say that not everyone who voted to Leave are racists or bigots or xenophobes, in fact, one has helped me come to terms with my sexuality; just someone wanting the government to have more control over their economic standing. I respect my friend’s choice; I accept my friend’s choice. I understand the sadness and the anger when “hate” leads people to vote in a direction that is different from your own.

Today I saw so many people angry, sad, worried (and some for very good reason). I want you all to know, regardless of what side you were on, you need to remember to love each other. It is very difficult to do, I know. If that does not work, watch this:

(1) “EU Referendum Results – BBC News.” BBC News. Copyright © 2016 BBC, 24 June 2016. Web. 24 June 2016.


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I apologise for not stepping in here a little bit. Long bit, more like it. I need to discuss my feelings, my fears and my hopes that have sprung up since that awful moment in Orlando on 12 June, 2016.


I have been busy making stuff out of rocks, string, glue, music and trying to grow vegetables. I was finishing up a gift for a friend when I heard the news.

I have been questioning my own self as of late, and I am excited to be free of holding my true self in a room with no air, but Sunday scared the shit out of me. On Saturday I became more settled in the state of time I am living in. My stories are evolving, now I need to get back to writing them down to be looked at. The weather is making it more complicated because it is so warm. My rheumatoid arthritis is enjoying the warmth and keeping calm whilst carrying on. I have not been reading much lately, but then, summer makes it tough to curl up with a good book. See, real life continues through the questions and the answers.

I have a new haircut:


I have decided to go blonde and pink. This haircut also has caused some awful names, the primary one being “butch”.

Some of you may have seen my videos. The videos of me being me. You may only know me through my wordsmithing on der Facebooken, but I have started to open up more, thanks to some great people I have found over the ocean. I have disclosed my secrets, my feelings and my fears. My friends are trustworthy, caring, progressive, and most of all, loving. I am so lucky to have become friends with a great bunch over the Atlantic.

Not seagulls. The ones in Cornwall are the size of oxen.


(Photo courtesy of

I came across an interesting post yesterday (13 June) questioning why there has been no coverage of the events in Orlando. I had a WTF moment. Being the distributor of useless information, I shared the following link: Without divulging too much, I got into a bit of trouble when I was told some people took offence to my comment as to why the pastors in Waldheim do not empathise with the LGBTQ community. Let’s just say one church included the fallen in their prayers on Sunday.


I have to give the pastor a lot of credit, considering his other sermons which were not even close to kind. One sermon (by the associate pastor) basically said gay people should be banned from the church. The infamous quote “love the sinner, hate the sin” was introduced by one person in regard to how they would handle their child being gay. Yes, you still need to love them, but not accepting their sexual orientation is pretty damn near abandonment. I met some great LGBTQ youth at a function on Friday and Saturday. The love and compassion for the Lord they want to spread across the span of the world is amazing considering their own lifestyle is a grievous sin – apparently. No comment was made when I mentioned God is their only judge.

Richard and I have started our UK trip planning. We are looking at 2018, but I could go over yesterday. Richard asked if I would move to the UK and I would if I could work at my job from there. I am selfish; my job is keeping me here. I have never been so relaxed and content in my job life. I would miss even the most irksome moments if I moved. Moving to Saskatoon is a more acceptable option, sadly. Moving from Waldheim will not take me away from the hatred, but it will remove me from burning something down with my heated, angry heart. There was contempt shown to me by someone who agreed there should be more compassion. My husband and my friends know the true meaning of compassion.

After going over the event of Sunday I figured it is not me with the problem. As a friend said, in regards to the gay question, “things are no longer black and white.” My LGBTQ brothers and sisters who died and were seriously injured left more than their emptiness here, but grieving families and friends. Being more compassionate to your gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual son or daughter takes a lot more than mere words. A review of your own morals and changes to your reading of the Word may help in figuring this all out. As I told the mother-in-question: “spend some time with those in the LGBTQ community” and suggested a more progressive look at the biblical world around her.

The conversation ended abruptly. Well lady, I’m not done.


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Yare Me Matey!

I have discovered the awesomeness of caring.

I have spent the last little while complaining that not enough people care, but I have overlooked those who do, and do it without promotion or incentives. Why did I turn my back to these wonderful people? By leaving religion, I left a piece of my humility. My drive for fairness (which caused me a lot of anger and sadness in the past and present) has not disappeared, but I hoped for a rebirth of human kindness. Not spouting Scripture, but common humanist sense has actually become just as powerful and annoying.

Oops, I think I split an infinitive.

I have been asked by a friend to keep a hold on the Lord, keep loving the Lord. I was gobsmaked. I never thought of my friend having such a devotion to God like he does. I was relieved that he still cares, regardless of my separation. Oddly enough, I cannot seem to let go at the same time, even though I wonder if God really is there. Jesus is another basket of fish. My friend cares about me (and Richard, btw) and I care about him, his wife and his boys. He told me to not be afraid of questioning who we are and our purpose. God has His reasons for everything and sometimes we have to be left in the unknown. He also asked for me to not feel compelled to follow doctrine (Catholic, Anglican, Mennonite or whatever), as it can be smothering.

Just love the Lord.

I think my friend helped me find my way. As I can only do so much, worrying over the acceptance of God, in my opinion, is over. God has to take me as I am. I need still be kind and loving, but not a pushover. Oh goodness, that sounds weird. If my non-Christian neighbour is an asshole, I will tell him. If my Christian neighbour is being an asshole I will do the same. Before you get all “OMG”, I will not call him or her by that name. In person.

I guess saying this with my inside voice is displaying the sin in my heart. Having confessed it with my outside voice does not mean it is forgiven. Maybe. I don’t know. Seeing my husband come home in a silent rage over another mindless speech about the horribleness of homosexuality and the wondrous work of the multi-thousand dollar sound system makes me think most people believe sin comes in various sizes – the sin of a committed same-sex relationship is worse than the sin of pride, just so you know.

Knowing my Christian friends and Atheist friends are in this life with me is helping me deal with my uncomfortable feelings and I am here to be an ear and an extra heart in time of sorrow and joy. Whether you give your shortfalls a name (sin) or observe these moments as reason for change, I think that is what God and humans want in the end. Not believing in God is not going to turn you into a demon, but then believing in God is not going to get you into heaven either.

If you feel separated from you church for reasons of politics and morals but want the comfort of fellowship, do not run away like I did. Richard’s father said the new priest at his church (who is a dictator, apparently) is not going to drive him away from his church home. Stand up and speak. You can be the voice for the vocally oppressed. Your church’s constitution allows discrimination of your LGBTQ brothers and sisters and you hate it – stand up and say “I HATE IT!” Though you may not convince the head honchos of your hopes and fears, there may be one or two that will be convinced. There may be that one whose life you save by being strong. That is what I want to be, however, the God that lives in this town shuns folks like me. That will not change until we speak up for each other, support each other, fight for each other and most of all: care for each other.

Love the Lord as He loves you.

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I had an interesting experience yesterday.

I was going through another day of fretting, which led to a night of fretting. Today (Tuesday, 9 February 2016) seems to nothing but ill-fitting underwear. Not fretting about that because those I can change. Well, not if I am at work. I do not make it a habit to carry an extra pair of panties to work. Should I?

Yesterday was a prime example of humans being people.

I have been suffering with a cold that I think I received through conversing on the Internet. I am certain. Yes, Richard has a cold as well, but I do not want to blame him. It is much easier to accuse an inanimate object than my husband. Whilst sitting at my desk going through a coughing spree, I was asked by a person seated in the visting section if they needed to get their gun.

How do you respond? I did not say anything. Maybe this added to my already compounding anxiety. I only waited for the coughing to subside so I could continue to eat my chocolate bar. If I was not worrying about something else I would have said something. I am not very good at multitasking. I am surprised someone would have the nerve to say something like this, especially in a public space. Then again, I highly doubt I will ever be in a private place with this person.

Hopefully my massage tonight relieves some of the pressure. My friends have been kind enough to shower me with awesomeness in the way of music and jokes, and for that I am thankful.

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For Fear

I had a great conversation with my brother on Thursday. My brother and I talked about the toll on the mind leaving the church takes. Though I did not get into my depression, I feel the separation from the church may actually help in my treatment. The conversations I have also had with a far-away friend may have also been a stepping stone. Prior to my decision to leave the church, I thought my two advisers come from different planets (one is a pagan and one is an atheist), but they do revolve around the same sun.


Colouring page courtesy of – Keeping Kids Busy. Markers courtesy of Crayola. Coloured by Wendalynn P. Donnan

Are aliens green? I don’t know. My marker collection consists of 50 colours (49 in this case, as one has dried out). Oddly enough, the range really is not diverse enough.

Kris and my friend told me that I am to focus solely on my own spiritual well-being. I cannot feel that I am letting anyone down. Both also told me to support Richard in his faith walk – I have never stopped this, not once. Richard’s faith is strong and I do not belittle it. My own questions are mine alone. My relationship with God is mine. You can chastise me for letting this go, that is fine. You have your own relationship with God, with Jesus, with the church. You need to deal with that on your own terms.

I have posted videos asking for people to comment on why they believe in Jesus even if he does not exist. I have only received two responses from my Christian brothers and sisters. My non-believer friends were the only true responders. They did not ridicule, hate, or demonise. I love them. I am now like them. It is something I am coming to terms with, and Kris told me it is going to be tough.

As Jesus is to be the Son of God, and for a man to be God he had to be knowledgeable of the beginning, middle, and end. In turn, he should have realised there are decent people in the world. Did he not notice the one-off Pharisee that may not have supported the other 99%?

Jesus, if real, seemed to me to be rather sarcastic. Maybe I feel that way because I have a tendency to be the same. For a man to be God, knowing the inner workings of his own creation, you would expect a bit more compassion. Yes, he did associate himself with the undesirable, the unwanted, the unclean (metaphorically and literally), and the unrighteous; people just like us. Not everyone understood what he was trying to say, he should have known this. He did know this.

Giving himself up for crucifixion was a way to show love. He was taking the punishment for our sins; the sins that have been committed and the sins that were going to committed. All we are to do in return is to be better people and thank him for his sacrifice. That is a lot to ask for. Kindness and compassion is a human trait, as per my observation, not church-born. Hate, love, tolerance, disparity, justice, and unfairness exist in all cultures and evident throughout human existence not just religious existence.

I have wondered for the longest time on the proof of Jesus. Without Jesus, there would be no Christianity; plain and simple. Over two billion people, in many guises, follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Was he God, or as the Son of God – human, yet divine? To put it into perspective, millions of people have seen Titanic, but that does not make it a great movie.

Lastly, I do not want any part of an organised religion that condemns Richard and I for not having children, and condemns my LGBTQ brothers and sisters a reason for existing. Apparently, a Christian family includes products of the human kind to be a true marriage. Sorry, but our lack of procreation does not make us any less Christian. The gay couple who chooses to adopt a child unwanted by a straight couple is doing God’s will and giving a home to the homeless. Single people are told to abstain, but the good church fathers (yes, most of these abominations are detailed by men) do not realise the hold they have on the souls of the single man who may have had sex with his girlfriend. Making someone feel guilty is a great way to get the numbers up on the “To Be Saved” list.

I am no longer questioning my place in the world of God.


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Hey! Ho!

Happy Post Christmas!

This holiday was one of the best I have had in a long time. There has been some stress, which may not go away until the new year. For the first time Richard understands how difficult it is to live and work in a small town.

You cannot escape.

I will no longer be attending any church in this town due to a situation we find ourselves in. Things are better this way. I enjoyed the people and the setting of my new church, however, I have decided to file for divorce. Not from Richard! The physical church. My belief in the Word has waned. The couple’s therapy we were in did not work and now I do not trust it.

As I have said, we will not know what will happen in the new year. I cannot disclose the issue, but I am slowly wondering if Waldheim is really a place I can call home.

I am so glad Richard’s parents came up for Christmas. I cried after they left. Richard’s mum was fabulous when I had a slight panic attack preparing supper. The compassion and love they brought was great! We are so lucky to have them in our lives, and blessed to have them in our home. We could live anywhere, and this was pointed out without words.

Our issue with what is going on was talked about, but ended with cocktails and cheese dip.


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Comparable Comparisons

The Advent season is celebrate the birth of Jesus not ostracise or condemn. Now with Star Wars: The Force Awakens awakening the weirdness in people I am afraid we may have lost the meaning of life itself, not just the Advent season. For my Christian friends today (20 December) is the last Sunday in Advent, the preparation for the arrival of Jesus. For the rest of us, it is a time of anticipation, the hope that our baking goes well and we don’t waste all the Baileys before Christmas morning.

I posted a comment that I could not care less if spoilers are let go for this movie. I am not seven anymore, so the interest is not there. I understand some of you are in the cos-play thang, but being the “into it” does not mean you can be a jerk. I know most of us would not give the story away, but does it really matter? As my friend said: “Bloody ludicrous adulation … it’s a fucken film ffs!” Yes, it sure is. People are getting beaten for disclosing the story. Is this Black Friday? Are we really that hooked to this stuff – apparently so.

Let’s do a little STFU flip for one moment, shall we?

Not everyone has seen any of the Star Wars movies, are they not people? Apparently not. I have not seen the following:

Bridge Over the River Kwai
The first three Jurassic Park movies
Silence of the Lambs and the sequel
Pride and Prejudice – any version
American Pie and subsequent sequels

Oh, and there are a thousand-million more.

What about movies made from books? I think everyone read the Harry Potter series before it was released on film. There was plenty of commotion when Hermione’s dress in the Goblet of Fire was the wrong colour. If I did not read the book I would not have known that. I would not have cared. I do get a bit miffed at historical inaccuracies as found in Braveheart – which is why I refuse to watch it. Family tartans – as we know them now – were a 19th-century ENGLISH invention.

So you can have all your Star Wars secret groups on Facebook like a teenager; go ahead. You can talk all you want about a movie that does not help pay your bills. Does not feed the homeless. Does not solve the refugee crisis. Then again, that is what film is supposed to do – take you away from real life for a moment. I get that, and have been in that place. I just think that some take this too seriously. Enjoy the time, but don’t don’t insult others.

Richard and I are going to see the movie on the 31st. I am looking forward to it, as I have seen the first six movies, plus suffered through the odd episode of the Clone Wars cartoons. It is going to be a great time.

You can go ahead and tell me the cool stuff or not at all, as by this time 3/4 of the world has already seen it.


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