Take care of yourselves tonight and tomorrow and the days after. You all have something to offer, but do not think it has to do with size.

Stay away from humiliating the marginalised, your neighbour and the person across the ocean; this ickiness is something I have seen much of this year. It is difficult to practice love, however, by steering away from the easiness of liking and sharing, you have already shown you can go further. I am not saying you cannot find humour in the odd bits, be careful of the intent.

Please, be one of the good ones. I love you all and know you can go beyond the clickbait. You will help make 2019 better for all of us.

“Oh, Wendy, you’re rather dire at the end of the year,” you say. No, I am hopeful the following year will be better on a human contact level. I cannot control interest rates, voter apathy, world economic markets and the next music craze, but I can control how I react to the events that unfold. Oppression begins (in one way) with the breakdown of the human spirit. People are driven to look after themselves, and though well-meaning, ultimately forget the ones who cannot take care of their basic needs.

On Facebook, I have asked my friends to reconsider sharing videos and photos that humiliate (sometimes unsuspecting) people. I ask this of you as well. Consider the subject and also consider the producer. I know a few of my collective couldn’t care less about the people in the video or photo, only the reaction, the positive response, from friends who “like that kinda thing”. We need to change that.

We are better than that. I sure have a ways to go in what I talk about and the process I take, and I will not deny that. I can be the right Grumpy Gus. Like right now. I will be taking a break for a while and take stock of what is essential. Maybe in that time, people will understand Jeremy Corbyn is not Godzilla.

Have a safe and Happy New Year, my dear ones.