If it wasn’t for Shakespeare, book titles

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This April 23 will mark the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare. At least this is the day we celebrate it. No one really knows what day he was born on. We do know he was christened on April 26 and in the Elizabethan period, christenings happened 3 days after birth so it’s a fair assumption.

I thought it would be fun to devote this month’s blogs to all things Shakespeare. And why not? For he hath bequeathed us many fine gifts. The renowned Shakespeare critic Harold Bloom believes Shakespeare invented what it means to be human, and Professor Stephen Marche lectures on how Shakespeare changed everything. Though I am not sure I would go this far, I do believe the world is a better place thanks to the Bard. So the theme this month is “If it wasn’t for Shakespeare”….

Now and again authors will throw in a line…

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  1. Richard Donnan

    Sorry I still donèt like his writing even if he is 450 years old

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