You Are Welcome For Dinner

Seat Guru

I am having a dinner party and I have to come up with a seating arrangement that will fit all, yet will encourage conversation. Here is the list:

1) Curtis Mayfield
2) Nelson Mandela
3) Jackie Robinson
4) Marilyn Monroe
5) George Sand
6) Ada Lovelace
7) Charlie Chaplin
8) Mary, Queen of Scots

I have decided to do this seating arrangement a bit differently. I will be using my limited drawing skills to visually envision an event that may (or may not) be exciting. There is a formal for the number of variations in the seating order, but the maths does not take emotions, experiences, and relationships into account. I hope to be able to express the connections between my guests in a creative way. Not knowing any of the people personally is going to make this an interesting get-together.


What I meant by limited drawing skills should mean I cannot draw very well. My biggest concern was placing Marilyn Monroe. I thought placing her with beside Nelson Mandela would make her more comfortable. She seems to be a shy person, but some good conversation may bring out something great. Plus, she was married to Joe DiMaggio and Jackie Robinson is going to be there, so we can talk baseball.

Nelson Mandela and I share the same birthday – 18 July. No, that is not why I included him. I have always been interested in his drive to end Apartheid with non-violence (though that was not necessarily the case most times). Remind me not to say how much he looks like Morgan Freeman.

On Ms Monroe’s left is Curtis Mayfield, an accomplished singer and songwriter. Both Mr Mandela and Mr Mayfield are very politically minded in their own way and strive to bring forward the need for equality for people of colour, though Mr Mayfield takes a more direct approach on the language front. I will ask him pick out the music for the evening.

Next to Mr Mandela is Ada Lovelace, the woman who is considered to be the inventor of the computer. And a countess. She is also the daughter of Lord Byron, that randy poet. I find her a facinating person, as mathematics and computer science is not my thing. I really hope she does have a little compassion about this fact.

Skipping to the left of Mr Mayfield is George Sand. I find her experiences a lot more interesting than her books. I am sure she has a lot to talk about. I think I will be careful not to say I am not a huge fan of Chopin, which is why I am asking Mr Mayfield to choose the music.

Charlie Chaplin. At first I was not sure about inviting him because I have not seen any of his movies in completeness. He is a comic genius, from the opinions of others, and I hope some of that shows through. His commentaries on politics through comedy are something I would like to discuss a bit further.

Between Mr Chaplin and me is Jackie Robinson. Mr Robinson was the first American Major League baseball player of colour in the modern era. His stories of the magnificent sport of baseball will make the night. I will not bring up the fact I am a Giants fan.

My last guest is a bit of a surprise. Mary, Queen of Scots. She has a language connection with Ms Sand, a title like Countess Lovelace, has had multiple husbands like Ms Monroe, and was not liked for being Catholic like no one else at this function. I am sure she is bitter, but a little wine may loosen her up a bit.

I think this set-up is fine. If this goes well I may try it again.

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One response to “You Are Welcome For Dinner

  1. My first reaction was, wow, what a strange assemblage! I’d let them choose their own seats. LOL But then, what kind of a host would I be? So I’m betraying the fact that I don’t entertain now and rarely did in years past. Of all the guests, the one I’d most like to talk with is George Sand, with Charlie Chaplin coming in at a close second. I enjoy Chopin’s music. Cinda

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