A very beautiful reminder that we are all brothers and sisters. I agree, I may not know all of you, but the moments we share (good and bad) mean everything.

Well, It Amuses Me

11221949_10153792475208628_4251107407128674599_nI met Guillaume online back in the days when dial-up was still a thing. Broadband was still a gleam in the eye of people who
enthusiastically called the internet the ‘Information Superhighway’ or ‘Carol Vorderman’s Evil Interweb’. ‘Surfing’ was still done without a hint of embarrassment.

I was looking up a band I had worked with and managed. I found a few things included a video I had been involved with making. As a video it’s lacking, but the music is still great which is what counts. The song, by the way, was “Godlike” by The Dylans.

Below the video was a stream of comments, one of which said “Great tune, I wonder what happened to them?”

Having worked with them, I knew.  I hit reply and gave a rundown of what I knew. He thanked me and we carried on chatting, exchanging emails.  I had a whole bunch of…

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