A Week to Go

The Canadian election is one week away – 19 October, 2015 – and it is coming down to the crunch. Families, like mine, got over-emotional over some of the tactics thrown by one of the parties. Sadly, the scare veil placed on the people will not be removed here in Carleton Trail – Eagle Creek. At least I don’t think so.

I know how things are going to go here. The good Christian folks are safe in the riding. Waldheim has a reputation for sponsoring refugees. Mind you, the majority of them were Christians. And I think most of them still are Christians. The Syrian refugee crisis may have to change our stance at helping only Christians settle in Canada, as the PMO has been accused of doing:

Stephen Harper defends his government’s handling of the Syrian refugee crisis (1)

I have mentioned that one of the candidates is from the town I live in. I am also sure some of this person’s family still live in town and go to the church I attend. Guaranteed. I just wonder how the whole Syrian refugee crisis is affecting their family meals and get-togethers.

This brings up a point of whether Christians should participate in the electoral process. There are a thousand-million videos that support and negate the reason to run for office. Some encourage active participation, some want Christians to run at politics with a broad sword and cut down the demon.

This spot is rather good. I worry a bit about processing things strickly for the preparation for the “kingdom”. Argh. Spending too much time trying to help make my country a more peaceful, living, and accepting place is not taking time away from “building the kingdom”, in my opinion. That part bothers me – a lot.

I do not believe in making Canada a “Christian” country, I believe in a “Caring” country. Those people afraid of losing their Christian government have to remember our government is not Christian. Sure, majority of the candidates running in the election are most likely Christian, no doubt, but they are not representing all Christians. They are running to represent the people in their constituency: Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Atheists, Vulcans, and Broccoli.

I have no problem with Christians running for office, I only fear the reason for this decision. I am very lucky we have not become like the United States and their options available for President. Sadly, the mood is moving in that direction.

I want us all to vote not only with our hearts, but with our minds. No, mostly with our minds. We have so many problems to fix: the economy, the lack of affordable housing, the need to have an inquiry on missing and murdered Aboriginal women, the desire for clean and sustainable water systems, and better medical care, proper use of policing – all things Christians should care about. The basic needs for citizens to be protected, healthy, economically sound is tantimount to a well-working society.

As Christians we need to be careful and not fall into the trap of us versus them. The compassion and love commanded us to show by Jesus cannot be clouded with rhetoric or fear. World Vision Canada, a Christian organisation has the best About Us statement I have ever read:

“World Vision’s history begins in 1947, with our founder Dr. Bob Pierce. Today, World Vision is a Christian relief, development, and advocacy organization working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families, and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Inspired by our Christian values, World Vision is dedicated to working with the world’s most vulnerable people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how we should look at how we vote. Does our candidate show compassion to the vulnerable? Does he or she stand up for the rights of those of a different faith? Remember, Canada is not a Christian country, people of all faiths or no faith at all can be just, fair, and loving as the good Christian folk at the MB church.

Yes, Christians can run for office, just make sure it is for the right reason.

(1) MacCharles, Tonda. “Toronto Star.” Toronto Star. © Toronto Star. All Rights Reserved., 9 Sept. 2015. Web. 13 Oct. 2015.


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5 responses to “A Week to Go

  1. This is a good article! I had to look up the religion of broccoli though. Apparently it exists…Veganism…who would have guessed that would be considered a religion? lol. I actually agree with some of their habits, but not so much to call it a religion.
    Anyway, you are right about the United States options for presidents. I am nervous for the election to happen. It is bad now, but it looks like it is going to get worse. Thanks for this article, beyond my comments. There are many people who wonder whether christians should get mixed into politics. I agree with you, if it is for the right reasons. 🙂

  2. Wendy, we have heard nothing about your election in Canada…so far. The American media focuses on our politics and violence, basically. I’m really tired of both. According to our Constitution, there can be no requirement for a Presidential candidate to be one religion or another, and candidates need not be evaluated on the basis of their religious beliefs. In practice, now, candidates compete as to who is the most Christian, and some even still have not caught up with the rest of us regarding Obama’s religion. He’s Christian, not Muslim. Having compassion cannot be a determining quality, unfortunately. We would hope that the candidate who wins would be a compassionate person; however, there’s a lot to the job that actually requires more objective thinking and with much less emotion.

    As for our candidates for the next election, on the national level, the Democrats are showing that they have the better candidates and the Republicans are showing their the party for the disorganized and bombastic. On the state level, elections for Congress will be interesting here in Minnesota, but I suspect my representative (a Muslim by the way) will run and I will probably vote for him. He’s been doing just fine in Washington. On the local level, here in my neighborhood we’re not at all happy with our City Councilman and she’ll probably not win her next election unless something major happens before then. Our mayor has been doing OK although I’m not that impressed. The State legislature and Governor — we need more balance in the legislature but the Governor is doing just fine. 2016 will be a big election, but this year has barely made it into the news.


    • Cinda, I am not surprised to hear our election coverage is none. Funny enough, the BBC and The Guardian in the UK have been having a field day with all the happening here in the colonies. I think we are starting to get attention for not being nice.

      With regards to the American elections, we get coverage here, but oddly enough the amount is lessening. Even when we are in the midst of an election the American political scene used to get a lot more coverage. I will keep you posted.

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