Things Will Only Get Better

It has been a week and a bit since the SCOTUS decision on same-sex marriage. A fellow friend asked that we just call it ‘marriage’. In this writing, I need to classify it as same-sex, because those good Christians will have a fit if I say they are against ‘marriage’.

Canada has had same-sex marriage on the books for ten years. Though there are a number of people (not all Christian, mind) who do not like it, but as it is now law they seem to have accepted it. And I think most people have realised they do have the right to marry someone of the same gender or opposite gender.

The place they choose to make this connection is still limited, but the news from the US regarding the Episcopalian (American Anglican) Church will allow same-sex marriages to be performed in their churches made me excited. I only hope it can be an option elsewhere.

In fairness, people opposed to same-sex marriage have the right to not support it, as I have the right not to like wearing fur. OK, those don’t go together. I am tired of good Christian folk (mostly American) getting all stupid about it:

Making reference to Muslims does not help her cause. There are LGBTQ people bring killed by fundamentalist groups and governments in the Middle East, this we cannot forget.

I should not have called her stupid; I am not being fair. Her beliefs, though (in my opinion) are like every other hateful Christian, making fun of her does not show compassion. The Bible has so many contradictions, and reading it from a different perspective is a way to understand the old perspective and think from a new perspective. Part of me thinks the lady in the rant above is very similar to the lady from Christians Against Dinosaurs:

My point is, we need to … accept is not the word, tolerate is not the word, live is not the word … we need to empathise with these people. I posted on Facebook that those opposed to same-sex marriage need to understand that they will not be required to marry someone of the same gender. They are safe. We are all safe.

We cannot force those opposed to not oppose. Belittling does not help the cause. I will say that we need to take a step back. I think there has to be a refocus on what we consider to be terrible travesty. There are people in first-world countries that are homeless, under-employed, at risk for sexual exploitation, cannot get proper or affordable health care. Once these so-called Christians realise this, maybe there can be room for negotiation.

Things will only get better.

I hope.

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