I Am Going To Get In Trouble For This

Boy, that is a long title.

I am at that point again where I am not caring about Canada Day. Oh yes, there will be people getting mad at me for not showing my Canadian pride. “I’m sorry, no one under 41 has heard of Luba,” is my favourite response to those Canada go-getters.

A country is not born, so it really does not have a birthday. Wait, if you are thinking of a physical birth, that happend millions of years ago. The date is not known.

Our governments – federal, provincial and civic – spend millions on a celebration that in some way only means something due to the fact it is a day off and an excuse to drink like arses. We celebrate being a country with expansive clean water, whilst at the same time throw our recyclable cups on the grass and drive our big-ass trucks pulling a quad that will tear up the land.

(Please note: the Zamboni is actually an American invention, but what the hell.)

I have a fair share of pro-patriotic relatives and friends that are going to plaster their pages with Canadian flags, pictures of moose (the new prairie killer), beavers (no, not that kind), and hockey pucks (no, not that kind). I will not be having any part of it. I cannot celebrate a country whose people do not understand the meaning of country.

There are hundreds of Canadian citizens without homes and proper medical care.

There are over 3,000 people from northern Saskatchewan evacuated from their homes this past week due to forest fires. Yet, some people from the city are planning on risking their lives, and those of protective service personnel, to spend the day partying their tits off at the cabin which is located not too far the affected areas.

There are thousands of under-employed people with little money for even the simplest celebration. These people are the ones we should be think of. So when you take a sip of your maple syrup flavoured icecap and eat your poutine, take a look around and see if this is worth celebrating.

Yes, let’s get our party on.

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