An opinion: Why we need to say goodbye to constantly saying ‘sorry’

To begin, I need to thank everyone at HelloGiggles for posting this article.

I am a victim of saying sorry for saying sorry. It has nothing to do with being Canadian, as British people have the same habit of apologising to those who step on their feet. After some time and thought, I don’t think I can blame it on bullying. No, it is not that at all.

I have been hitting down notes regarding this subject in relation to the book I am writing. Ho! Hey! she’s talking about the book again! (I know, I went a bit exclamation mark crazy there.) So far I have found my main character is not sorry very often. I am now thinking that is a good thing.

I have found myself apologising to really nice people who don’t deserve an apology; however, the awful ones only get a snarly face. I think I may be looking for acceptance or reassurance. I don’t want to turn off nice people. Horrible people, meh. I pray for those ones. I may be trying to fit in. Fit in where, that is still to be determined.

The one thing I do not do very much anymore is ask if I have offended someone. Some of my friends may disagree, but they did not know me ten, five, or in some cases, two years ago. This behaviour ruined my relationship with my brother, a relationship I would like back again.

Now I have more important things to worry about, offending someone is not really one of them. I need to choose words more carefully, as should we all. Say sorry when you mean it because there will be a time it is necessary.

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