“We Are One”, Young Artists Day, and Bartolomeo Cristofori

This post is gonna be a-longen.

Today has been a busy day for celebrations. I will not, however, mention the Star Wars one. It was fine for the last couple of years, but now it has to stop. Thankfully it will only be for today.

For me today was all about music. As I work the front desk at work I am not able to listen to the radio. That is OK. I get an hour lunch, which I spend reading the many stories and anecdotes on the Beeb. Channel The Third, that is.

Today was special on a homebase musical front. It was Music Monday. This day is set aside to remind students of the value of learning music in school. I always valued music in school, even getting in trouble from my Kindergarten teacher for wanting to sing instead of doing work. Check out this page to get the full meaning of what music in the classroom is all about:

Music Monday

I became interested in piano when some friends took piano lessons from a woman, Mrs Apple, who taught during lunch hour. I was mesmorised. Though I knew we did not have a lot of money, my parents agreed to make the investment to buy a piano. From Grade Three until the end of university that piano served me well, and I, it.

Neither my elementary school or high school offered a band program. I was not interested (at the time) in learning a brass or woodwind instrument. I did not like the uniforms of the Lions or Police Junior bands. I am not devaluing my music teachers in school, as they taught with what they had. As I stated earlier, funding was a bit tight, so band was not an option.

The Coalition for Music Education would have been wonderful for kids like me. It has been around for ten years, and today on Music Moday we celebrate the Music Monday Anthem written by a 16 year-old Connor Ross:

Music Monday Anthem – “We Are One”


Today on the BBC 3 side of things (UK Bank Holiday as well) there is Young Artists Day:

Radio 3 – Young Artists Day

On my breaks I had the opportunity to listen and read some great stories about young adults creating life experiences through music, art, dance, film, photography, literature, and so much more.

These young men and women make me suffer from at least one of the seven deadly sins – envy. My compositional skills, as mentioned by Dr Schudel, were “severely lacking, somewhat.” Yes, the drive and the want were there, but I was not (and still not) able to accomplish nearly what these talented young people have.

When I finally got to take Brass and Woodwind Techniques in university, I realised I should stick to piano.

Again, it is not the fault of a teacher, a professor, or a parent. I just think my attempts make for better stories and songs than they would if they were finished. I love these young women and men.

Finally, we celebrate the 360th birthday of Bartolomeo Cristofori, the man who has been credited for inventing the piano. I don’t normally celebrate birthdays of people who have passed on, including family (yes, that will get a right sour face from those still living); however, the idea of creating an instrument that would be part of some of the best music in the world is something worth commemmorating.

Bartolomeo Cristofori – ‘Who invented The Piano?’ (1)

I have stated before that I am not very keen on listening to piano music, but I love playing it. A good friend from university, a piano major, would not listen to piano music at home because it would make her physically ill. I am not that bad, thankfully, but I do understand. Computer gurus often spend time away from the computer at home.

I had made the attempt to relearn the piano, but with recents events at my old church, the practice piano had become not an option. Mum and dad gave me the old keyboard from my church in Regina. I took it out of the case, stared at the keys, then made my way to put it back in the case. I see it in the basement and I think I need to try again.


I will never be a concert pianist, not with only having Grade 2-and-a-half of Royal Conservatory training.

To end my little discussion, I will leave you with this debate. Luckily I did not get into this deep a debate in uni, as I don’t know how I would have survived. In the end, it is not something worth arguing over:

Fortepiano vs Pianoforte

(1) The Guardian, ‘Who Invented The Piano?’. 2015. Web. 4 May 2015.


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