BBC Radio 3 Told Me to Make Coffee




I did not get my coffee made until after listening to the reason I was up so early (just after 5.00 am). One of my favourite shows on BBC Radio 3 is Music Matters, which starts at 5.15 am CST. With the seven-hour time difference from Britain listening to radio programmes can be a bit complicated.

*sad face*

Today is #RecordStoreDay2015, as promoted by BBC Radio 3 and every single person on the planet. Unfortunately, I am unable to physically participate in the happy party as I do not have access to a record shop in Waldheim and a record player in my home (which is also in Waldheim). I do have a collection of purchased and inherited vinyl. I hope that still counts. Please say ‘yes’. Please!

I happened to go to HMV in Saskatoon on Friday and discovered the records available for purchase. I found a number of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Otis Redding reissues for $35 to $40. I can get the same albums for $12 on iTunes. I am not going to file a complaint about the over-priced specialty albums, like the ones released by Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5 (if they have any) and the suchlike. I do have to point out that the need to release elpees should not just be for show or marketing, but for actual listening pleasure. Seventeen year old girls buying a vinyl album by Justin Bieber are not going to use their grandmother’s record player to listen to his sweet soulless sounds. I say ‘grandmother’, as their parents are most likely the same age as me – 40. And from my unscientific poll, anyone under the age of 40 no longer has a record player.

I have been looking for a turntable. The husband is not interested in such a machine, which rather bothers me. I have records that I have purchased that I wish to someday listen to. Sadly, the cost of a decent turntable and speakers are a bit of dollar; some systems going into the thousands. The best thing for me is to look through the charity shops, garage sales, and estate sales. My fear of the used system is this:

I am looking for something like this:

I am not too worried about sound quality. I listen to my iTunes collection on my laptop with the speaker that came with it. I have not need for expanding treble and bass options, just something that will help get the sound out. If I need to take a class to figure out what all the dials and buttons are for, I would rather forget it. I also need a space-saving device, as our house is not size-equipped for a monster of a system. I need one that will work in my craft room. Well, I call it a room, but it is actually just a collection of tables and a chair:

2015-04-18 09.47.09

(The water softener on the far-left will be moved in about 25-30 years, and the Ovaltine and the Swifer will be moved at the same time as the water softener.)

As most celebrate today with a sweet record find, I will celebrate with staring longingly at the ones I have previously acquired:

2015-04-18 09.38.14

Now, what you see here is all I have, and I hope I soon will an active participant, expanding my collection of awesomeness.

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