It’s Funny When You Have Nothing to Say – Part of The Second

This is the one point I do not have enough time, knowledge, and words to even justify this point. I will try, even if I end up crying out of frustration.

2) I do not know the complete historical background referenced

My main historical interest is the Middle Ages, give or take a thousand years. I am in no way an expert on history, as most of you can tell from the thousands of historical nuggets I post on a regular basis. Without Terry Jones, Neil Oliver, and some guy named Bede I would not know what I know now about that time back when.

I fully acknowledge most of you don’t follow me on a regular basis, and for some this is your first visit (and possibly last), so you don’t know how often I post about historical stuff. Be ready for something that is not that amazing. In fact it is more sad than epic.

In order to understand the historical significance of how the books of the Bible were put together, written, and influenced by world events I need to unravel the sweater that makes up the whole being. Throughout the history of literature, there is always an influence hovering over a writer. John Gower was forced to rewrite parts of his Confessio Amantis due to possible threats from Henry IV after the death of Richard II. The Jews being held captive in Babylon must have been under a similar pressure: The Babylonian Exile. The movie “One Night with the King”, a somewhat Hollywoodised version of the Jews held captive by King Xerxes of Persia. Here is a summary of the events of Queen Esther and King Xerxes: King Xerxes and the Jews.

Without Google I would have to get my biblical history from bible school. I don’t know if I could do that. Documentaries and historical writings help me quench the history thirst. Unfortunately, to start at the beginning of the Bible means I need to discuss Creation, which will get me into trouble. Even more trouble when I bring up evolution and dinosaurs. I don’t want these people mad at me:

What is the Best “Proof” of Creation – Ken Ham and Dinosaur Hoax: Aerodynamics

(I really hope the second group is a parody, for their sakes.)

I will not get into this bit of historical maybe-yes, maybe-no.

Knowing there were events happening in other parts of the world makes the Bible a fragment in a large historical rock collection. As mentioned, I really don’t have enough knowledge to make or break an arguement on whether something happened or not.

The Roman occupation of Israel is a lot easier to keep track of. There are contemperary accounts of some of the happenings: The Great Revolt (66 – 70 CE), but very little on others; primarily the existance of Jesus: Jesus Christ

The lack of evidence of aliveness does not change how I feel about Jesus.I want to expand on my feelings of closeness and farness in the story of Jesus and the history of the Bible.

I need to not concern myself with the historical background and influences on the Bible. I do need to recognise the words were written during a time of change and hardship. Knowing a little bit of the past, and I apologise for sounding ridiculous, helps me understand what I need to get out of the now, and later the future.

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