[Castles] Canterbury Castle

The Canterbury Scriptorium


Canterbury Castle was started not long after the Norman Conquest; a royal residence for William the Conqueror, it would have been an example of his power and oppression over the Saxon Britons.

Originally, it would have been a wooden construction – an encircling wooden palisade, and an artificial motte (most likely in the spot where the Dane John mound now stands – Dane John being a mutation of the Norman-French word donjon, which means keep or tower). At some point a more substantial wooden building would have been built on the site of the current ruin. And then, like the majority of English castles, this building would have been replaced by a stone keep.

Apparently Canterbury Castle was one of the first Norman castles in England to be rebuilt in stone. Mostly, with Kentish ragstone, which you can find in almost every medieval building in Kent, but some of…

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