Someone Else’s Success Isn’t Your Failure


Terri Herman-Ponce

I heard this quote the other day when I was watching an interview with Jim Parsons (my latest entertainment obsession, because I think he’s a comic genius and an amazing person, and because The Big Bang Theory is outstanding television). After talking about how many years he survived on unemployment, the interviewer asked Parsons the best advice he’d ever been given. Parsons said:

Someone else’s success isn’t your failure

The quote stuck with me initially because, as a writer, my life is full of comparisons. I mean, how can you avoid it? Someone else gets the big book contract. Someone else sells oodles of their latest novel and makes the bestseller lists. Someone else’s book is made into a blockbuster movie. It can feel disheartening, when you trudge your way through countless early mornings and late nights and weekends writing and editing and sweating over scenes that just won’t come together…

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