Richard asked for me go through the write-ups he did for his Yellowstone scrapbook. I do not think I was cut out for that kind of anxiety.

I face editing, fixing mistakes, and causing errors all the time. I get paid to enter data and correct the oopsies I make on the reports before they are finalized and sent out. I should be good at finding spelling mistakes, as I do it periodically on my blog site every now and then. I see some of the things I have written and wonder how I could have left some of these problems for so long.

Everyone needs a reviewer. I need someone to look over what I produce, heck yes, all the time. I do have a habit of submitting letters and posts off the cuff, then having to deal with the shame of the bad grammar choice and poor spelling. Oh, I am sure I have used the wrong form of theretheir, and they’re on more than / then one occasion. Why should I get so bothered if someone uses ‘alot’ instead of ‘a lot’ if I make simple, yet ugly, errors in my writing?

It has to do with presentation and the audience you are trying to communicate with. Facebook users are synonymous for misusing easy words to make a point. You will not seem authoritative if you are complaining about the state of the education system if you use the incorrect spelling of theretheir, and they’re – easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

I have written about this before, but lately I have been trying to be more attentive of my own writing. As I am not quite close to getting anything formally started, I need to know the form I should take. Do I be myself – all mishtooks and all, or make things correct for the general public?

Do not get me started on punctuation. That is a whole new kettle of fish.

As I am still doing my ten-minute writing experiments, I need to remind myself to be a little less jumpy. People are going to have poor grammar, write numbers for letters, use ‘could care less’ when they mean ‘couldn’t care less’. The last two long-term jobs I have had (and one I still do) there is a person whose favourite word is ‘whatever’. I will say that I have not yet said how much I cannot stand that word in a public setting. Oh, this is a public setting. Forget it.

I am getting less scared to offend, and maybe this is a step I need to do when it comes to spelling and grammar mistakes. I believe we all need to be careful of what we write and how we write it; at times. Stephen Fry has some great advice for the use of language, and maybe I need to pay more attention:

Stephen Fry VS. Grammar Nazis

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