Underwriters aren’t as Sexy as Accountants

It looks like Bible class is back on. There was a bit of crossed wires, but that has been fixed and we are good to go. This is a good thing, but let’s hope the people do not get scared off by the bucket on the front step set up to catch the water leaking from the eavestroughs. That is just one more thing to fix.

Remind me to place a board over the puddle of water where the drainpipe runs. The best possible path to use is at the corner of the garage, which has the pipe. I have to make sure the walkway is safe. Once the ice slowly melts, the sidewalk can be used to its full use.

There will be hot chocolate and tea. Coffee is also available, but the one other person who drinks coffee likes a strong brew, which is a style I am temporarily out of at the moment. I do have a strong-flavoured instant coffee, but that is only for when I am in dire straits or for mixing with cheap whiskey (which I also do not have at the moment). I cannot offer any wobbly pop, as the people coming need to drive on some not-so-good grid roads in the dark. Plus, it is a Bible study, that just would not go over well.

I am feeling rather giddy about this meeting. I feel like I am part of a break-away club. Or maybe like a Catholic group in the middle of Anglican England during the religious revolution. No, we are not planning anything sinister, but some of us are misfits. When I say ‘some’ I mean ‘two’ – two out of four.

We are no longer one of the small groups associated with our church, as I have alluded to previously. We have the choice to continue and add members not attending the MB church, or even those just interested in conversation. Though my dad and mum are not really into the Bible study vibe, they would get along with the members of our group. A bunch of people with farm backgrounds and hardy laughs would make a great combo. And a little talk about God would not ruin the time. Just a note: a drag show involves lads driving cars and trucks not lads in ball gowns and high heels.

Treats are welcome, but one of us has severe food allergies, so we stick mainly to liquid refreshments. Which also reminds me: I should put my flour away in a safe spot and re-clean the food serving area of the kitchen just in case.

I have not promoted the class too far out, as tensions may still be rather high. I did joke about what to wear to the inaugural event. For the record, I will be wearing fuzzy socks. Richard will be left on his own.

Since it is tonight, I think I am too late to seek advice about advertising.

And yes, underwriters and accountants are most welcome, just make sure not to make a scene.

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