What is a Good Reason?

I have been thinking of not attending the church I have been going to for the last five years.

The people have been great here. I met my best friend at church and I do feel I may cause a bit of uncomfortableness with her if I choose to leave. At the same time I need to be aware of my own feelings on the issue. I live in the same town as my good friend, so I will still have contact. My second mother (as she calls herself) goes to my church as well, and I feel so comfortable around her; it is almost unbelievable. I would be sad to leave them both. I was so gung-ho a while back about helping out with a mission project. That has more-or-less fallen apart, as the woman in charge of the idea has made no further mention of it. Do I take the chance and step-up at a time like this?

I do not want to church-hop. There are three churches in my town, including the one I go to, but I do not think I can go to either of the other two. I am not afraid of people asking “is Wendy going to …?” No, that is a legitimate question. I have asked the very same one about a few other people. What would bother me would be the question as to “why that one?”

Because I bloody well want to.

This is not a question of faith, or lack of it. I have been challenged by a former member of my church to learn more about the Bible through commentary. I have been doing that, in an interesting way. As you are aware I am very keen on medieval history, and I have found a number of religious works written in the past centuries by monks, playwrights, and other scholars that make reference to the Bible. Some are rather creative (The York Corpus Christi Plays) and some are quite funny (Trials and Joys of Marriage). I began to read the commentary Mark (Believers Church Bible Commentary) by Timothy J. Geddert; however, I lost interest.

I do not like Bible forums (as a recommended source of info from a friend) as they remind me of the ones based on Dungeons and Dragons – quotes of over-used scripture, threats of damnation, and hatred towards anyone not of the evangelical way. Well, you won’t find those people on the D&D forums, but you can replace ‘Paul’ with ‘orc’.

I say “former member”. Now this definition of a person may be the crux of my conundrum. Richard and I started a Bible class in October to study the book of James. It was going OK, kind of. We had not met very often due to commitments made by various members of our group. The leader of the group, Richard, and I have pretty much been the constant. It has since disbanded as one couple in the group left the church, another couple lives out of town, and the third couple did not think this was what they are interested in. As we were meeting at our church, it has become rather uncomfortable to meet there now – for all of us. I have taken the step to still meet with the leader-couple in our home. Just because we are no longer brothers and sisters in church does not mean we are not brothers and sisters in Christ.

Unity is becoming an issue for me. I see the numbers falling a bit at my church, but should that be a reason to run? No. My church in Regina, at the most, had eight parishioners. A few dropping out of a church of 200+ members is not bad, I guess. I know my church will never be on the same wave-length as me, and the singing gets a bit much, and … I do not think I am falling into the same funk as a few years ago when I stopped going to church completely. The break was heartbreaking, yet uplifting. Richard got tired of explaining my absence. Do I put him through this again?

Richard and I have talked about this, and I will not divulge too much, as he does not need to be wrapped in the same cloth as me. This is my problem. There are also church issues that I do not want to disclose, as they are private. Situations at the board level have caused me some, if not most, of my discomfort.

I should not burden myself with this. I am on holidays and am finding myself busy with banana concoctions, a leaking cold water pipe under the kitchen sink, and the need to watch the Olympics on my laptop. Please, keep me in your minds for a wee second and hope for some clarity and a fitting conclusion.

Oh, I also have to plaster my Facebook page with historical useless information and the odd episode of QI.

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