I Have Taken Many of You for a Ride

Clean your thought, oh dear ones.

Tonight (January 17, 2014) we hit a deer about 8km west of Rosthern. Luckily for us Richard was stopping the vehicle to avoid a baby deer when a buck hit is on the front passenger side. The poor animal limped across the road, dazed and possibly near death when it was hit head-on by a van.

I was out of the car and saw the poor thing die. I have seen death before. A salesman from the dealership I used to work for died (though the paramedics did a good job tying to hide it) in the showroom. That did not bother me – I prayed for him to pass as it was only right for him to no longer suffer. This deer was taken out of misery in a violent way. I have never heard to crush of bone and steel in such a way before.

Television, you are nothing compared to real life.

Richard, the fellow driving the van, and I are fine. The man driving the van, whilst saying his name to the police, made me smile in recognition. He is a broker at an insurance office in Rosthern that I have written a number of memos and emails to in the year I have been at MMFI. I did make the comment that this was not the way I expected to meet a person sharing a common denominator.

He did mention that he wishes I could have a bit more chance to converse. For those who don’t know, my sole job is to do renewals, with some allowance to send the periodic email. I am not allowed to take or make calls. After about a half an hour, with a bit of confusion, he asked me what I did at the company. I think he may have received a bit more than a sore wrist.

The best part was spending a few moments sitting in the back seat of the RCMP truck. Barred windows and unopenable doors – a term I used earlier. I joked with the officer that I did not know what my parents would say if I told them I was in the back of a police vehicle. He said it is designed for those a bit bigger and a bit taller (I had a tough time making myself seen through the screen at the back).

My dad told me tonight that I will never forget the visions and the sound for a very long time. A passer-by pulled the poor animal to the side of the road to make sure it was not in the way of on-coming traffic. Dusk is a tough time for these poor fellows, as is dawn as well. If it was not for Richard stopping for the little one, things would have been a lot worse. I was out of the car trying to catch the attention of the other driver, putting myself in a tonne of danger. Deer, and other four-legged hornèd beasts, sometimes get violent under circumstances like this. Not only that, but I had traffic and about half a dozen deer behind me. Richard saw them, not I as I was running to see if the other driver was OK after the accident.

Overall, this has lead us to getting a second car a lot sooner than expected. That is OK, we should be OK. Let us hope SGI does not write the car off. The car is able to be driven, just a small problem opening the front door. The tow truck driver that looked our car over said it would be very unlikely. Cross fingers!!! Actually, Wee Angus has been in a lot worse than this. The back hatch door has been replaced twice.

Richard and I are physically OK. God was good to all of us. I told my dad that I was glad the deer died the way it did as it would have suffered otherwise. In most places you are required by law to notify the police / RCMP if there is an accident involving large animals. It is up to the officer or a conservation officer to put the animal down if it gets away with an injury. I do not know if I could have seen that. Though the front part of a van is not the best way, it was the most humane way for this one to go.

All will be good.

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