Day 1 of 2014


I made it through the first day of 2014. Technically it is not over yet, but I do have to work tomorrow so I will be calling it a night. In a bit.

I spent the day trying, and in some ways succeeding, in creating a quilty thing. I am attempting to make place mats and the such, as the blanket versions are just too big and time consuming. I am also running out of usable cloth. Plus the terminology is baffling and understanding it makes my brain hurt.

I had been watching a lot of science shows today. Dara Ó Briain and Professor Brian Cox are my new heroes of the thinking way. I am not going to get into the Creationism vs. Evolution thing here as I don’t have the drive to start another argument. I do not want to get another email asking me to reconsider my position(s). Let me just say that I believe God Created Evolution. There, that is it.

I was watching Science Club and old episodes of Stargazing Live (the first episode of Series 1 was the best, especially the part about astrology). Though I have never been good with numbers (yes I do some number crunching, but I do use a calculator) I feel like I understand Sheldon Cooper and the importance of the stars. I remember my parents buying the Time-Life collection of outer space books. I would spend hours reading and re-reading those books for what felt like forever. I did not want to study the cosmos or have the need to find out how to be a spaceman; only wanted to see the vivid colour of Mars and the reflection of light on Saturn’s rings.

A whole bunch has changed since 1987. Heck, a whole bunch has changed since 2013. I just discovered the correct way to punctuate TV shows. In the old days (yesterday) I would have gone back and changed all occurrences of TV and corrected them. I am a new me, so they will stay uncorrected. Panel shows and documentaries have errors all the time, and the rare time a correction may be made, but in most cases these are just passed by. The ideas of space and the vast amount of room it takes up is a lot more expansive than I knew about 30 years ago. I can say “30 years ago”, as I will be 40 this year. I remember 30 years ago.

The programs I have been watching have also bolster my opinion that you can never stop learning. I may be able to use what I have learned today in a future conversation, which is grand. I am finding it rather difficult to share my information regarding history as there are some who still believe that cats can suffocate babies because of the scent of milk on the baby’s breath. (Please don’t tell me you are one of them, please!). Oy and vey. For some strange reason medicine and science facts seem more plausible than insights on the Great Fire of London and the ending on the Great Plague. The Great Plague, not be be confused with the Black Death, was considered to be pretty much gone throughout most of Europe when the fire hit in 1666 (though this is still being debated).

I am widening my horizons in the intellectual way. I will be looking into playing the piano again after awhile away. I am going to read a new set of books that I would never have thought of, including The Grapes of Wrath. OK, I read the first seven or so pages of that one, but this time I will actually make a complete attempt. “Attempt” is being said with a slight grimace of pain. I have no plans to suddenly hone up on my math skills in order to go back to university, try to be physicsly awesome, and try to drive a superconductive space machine. No. My need and want for more information regarding King Richard III will not go away. Having an understanding of how science and the church co-habituated in the Middle Ages has opened huge doors. I am excited again. 

People like the moon and the stars; they are safe and sometimes flashy. 

The moon and the stars, not the people.

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