Well, it is another year done

Ah, back to normal.

It is 6.53 am (when I started writing this) on December 31, 2013 and I am still in my pyjamas waiting for my Keurig to start finishing its warm-up dance. To top it off, I am eating cheese puffs. Though I prefer Hawkins Cheezies, this is a good replacement as any. I do not have to get all winter dressed, as my new neighbour across the street has offered me a ride to work. She is one of the new hires at work.

(Just waiting to hear back from the lady I’ve replaced. My manager is meeting with her some time next week to find out her plans. It is great the Canadian government allows mums and dads the opportunity to take a year to be with their little ones; however, it is a bit trying for a company as the parent has a minimum of two weeks to decided whether they choose to go back or not. If you are a mum or dad on maternity/parental leave, please have some consideration and make a decision because people like me can’t wait – we are the ones who filled in whilst you were away.)

With that aside, I will continue.

I have been thinking of getting rid of a number of CDs (due to popular usage, there is no apostrophe). I have been looking at a number of my discs and found that I cannot for the life of me think why I would buy anything by Sum-41. Then I remember the ‘Canadiana Phase’ I went through a thousand-million years ago. Oh yes, I was one of those.

I have bought a couple of CDs in the last year, but I usually get mp3s. They are easily stored, if I lose one or three and I can get another copy (in most cases) at no cost. With downloading comed the choice. I have CDs, like most of you reading, that have three out of the 21 songs that are good. Good for 1992, but utterly sad in 2013 (or 2014, or whenever your are reading this).

I have been listening to some new stuff, but I have been hearing things that were done before my time. I do not count the “Classical” masters, and I ask not to get me started on the label of “Classical” because I am trying my best not to sound like a purist. No, Mozart and Haydn are riding a cycle all on their own. I have gone through some older BBC radio playlists from Matt Berry, James Dean Bradfield (lead singer of Manic Street Preachers), and a radio show hosted by Steve Perry where I found an assortment of gems:

Ray LaMontagne
Beach House
The Bluetones
Band of Horses
The Fall
The Go-Betweens

and more I found on Twitter, which are all awesome and well worth your time:

Puppet Rebellion http://www.puppetrebellion.com/
In My Coma http://www.inmycoma.com/
The Cornerstones https://soundcloud.com/the-cornerstones
Mike Peralta http://www.mikeperalta.com/listen

Some of the experiments made my brain go “OH WOW!” others made it shrink in pain. I bought music by the Super Furry Animals “just ‘cuz”, and I have been in love ever since. I also dabbled in The National, which made me think about studying psychology. Psychology was the second-hated faculty at the University of Regina to the students of the Music Department. The first being Administration.

Instead of making a resolution to lose weight or be nice to people try a new band. Taking care of your body and kindness should be done all the time, not the week after the new year starts. I am not a huge fan of live shows, go to some of those as well. You also do not have to feel pressure to stick to something from your own country. Most of the Canadian bands I listen to have been influenced by the British bands I have on most-played list.

Water cannon.

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