Completely Different

Sorry, it has been a bit of a time away. I have been trying to meet the half-way mark of my Goodreads reading goal. I made it.

OK, I do not want to make light of the writing thing, as I have been trying to do the very same for the last few years. I read a number of books that were short and some ways very odd. A number of them I received via the free option on and various self-publishing author’s websites. Through thick (and in some cases that is how I felt after reading a few) and thin (same thing, only different) I made it my goal.

I set the 50 mark in March of this year. I also set the goal of reading the books I have downloaded to my Kindle, in order. That has been a bit of a test, as some of the books put on the machine are serials, so the order read is somewhat important. Here is the view right now:

Some of these 941 books are listed on my Goodreads site, which you should check out (click the 2013 Reading Challenge box in the top-right corner).

I am looking for any authors that are interested in sharing their website. I think this is a great opportunity to reach an audience that mainly consists of my parents, a few cousins and some poor bloke that finds my page by accident whilst looking for something completely different.

Drop me a line on Twitter: @wendon74, or leave a message below.

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