Today we are doing some cleaning, though not the regular weekend stuff. I have actually finished clearing out the pantry and discovered how much space we have. I don’t think I have ever seen the cupboard that clean in a long time. Richard is busy finding our basement. It is amazing how much stuff you can store and hide after two years. When it comes time, the rock garden in the basement will make its way back outside:


We are trying to clean up a bit to prepare the house for visits. We have room for eight people, ten if you count the two tubs. No, I think I have overestimated the room. We have a double bed in the spare room (2), a futon in the computer room (1 adult or 2 small children), a chesterfield in the living room (1), a double air mattress (2) and a chesterfield down stairs (1). Wait, the number is seven or eight! OK, my math was right. I have no plans to ask guests to sleep in the tub.
Our basement is not furnished, so it looks rather rustic. Mum and Dad did not put a carpet in their old house until the early eighties, so we still have time yet. Our goal is to create a small living space in the basement. We are not planning on installing carpet throughout, as it will be a hassle to remove if we have another flood. You have to excuse the water softener and the table. Oh, and ignore the stuffed purple bunny. It’s rather a mess right now, but with some mood lighting it will look all right:
Do not worry, we do have a bathroom:
I did not say that it was finished, but there is a bucket!
We are also planning on painting the walls in the basement. Paneling is not necessary and we really can’t afford it. Cannot afford the cost or the time. Colours are going to be fun to pick. White is not my favourite colour and Richard already has a purple room and mailbox, so now we have to try something else. I have started with the stairs. I have talked about this before, but now here is the near-finished product:
The walls along-side the stairs will be green as well. Partly to meld in, partly to hide the paint spatters that appeared whilst painting the stairs. I am thinking of yellow, pink, or something fun. I do not want it to look like a coffee-room at a men’s club. OK, not pink. Barn red is not an option, even though it is less expensive. Now that I say it, I think there may be one who would not mind the colour. It may make Shaun feel closer to home:

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